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Make Someone Feel Special: Happier Place Postcards and Greeting Cards

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Let’s go old school to make someone happier. Instead of another fleeting text, comment, or “like”, send someone a handwritten note. Happier Place Cards give you lots of options.

You know this: receiving a handwritten postcard or greeting card makes people happier. Okay, unless it’s a hate-note. But then again, if those mean words come on a pretty card, then they will sting less – again making the recipient happier than just totally sad. Right? Right.

But did you also know that writing a personal card makes you happier? Taking the time and energy to choose what you want to say to someone allows you to focus on your relationship, a joyful memory, or a future plan. It can spark gratitude. Being in that focused moment let’s you forget all the other distractions of the day.

Of course, all the joy begins by looking through inspiring images to choose the cards you would like to send to someone – or to keep for yourself. And we’ve got some great cards for you to select.

All Happier Place greeting cards and postcards are made from sustainably-sourced cardstock and feature our own original outdoor photography. At least with this first batch, all photos were taken by Luci.

Currently, we’re offering three different kinds of cards: regular photography postcards, folded greeting cards, and multiple-choice postcards.

Happier Place Photography Postcards

The photography postcards feature a high-quality, glossy outdoor photo on one side and an extra large correspondence area on the uncoated writing side. Because we put thought into everything: the address area has faint grey lines – helping you write an address more evenly without the lines being overpowering. Also a small version of our catch get-going phrase “Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.” adds a little extra inspiration.

We offer most postcards in sets of 5 cards (for the price of 4). Below are a few examples. View ALL postcard sets.

Want more or less postcards? We also offer sets of 10 (you get 2 free cards AND save a dollar). You can also purchase individual cards. Currently, we have 150 images for you to choose from.

Multiple-Choice Postcards

The Happier Place Yes, let’s… Multiple Choice Postcards make it easy and fun to get yourself and someone special out the door and into a nature adventure. Instead of wrecking your brain to come up with unique date suggestions or second-guess what another person might want, just send them a multiple-choice card and let the outdoor fun begin… (Goes without saying that this is the perfect tool to ask someone out for the first time.)

Outdoor Photography Greeting Cards

The photography greeting cards feature a high-quality, satin-finish outdoor photo on the front of the folded card. The inside is uncoated and blank for you to write a personal note. All greeting cards come with envelopes. Really, our Happier Place Greeting Cards are just like postcards, only folded and tucked in an envelope for extra privacy.

We offer most greeting cards in sets of 3 cards (saving you $2.50 on 3). Or you can purchase individual cards. Below are a few examples. View ALL greeting cards.

Limited Supplies

As of right now, all of our cards were pressed in very limited runs. We decided we would rather offer a wide variety of images than have a lot of the same. More fun and variety for you – and a better chance for us to find out what you like. This does mean that cards will sell out.

However, we’re allowing backorders on all cards. So you can still purchase out-of-stock cards. You will just receive them with a slight delay after they’ve been made again. Usually we ship products same or next day. With backorders, it can take over a week. If you’re in a hurry, make sure you purchase cards that are in stock.

Choosing Cards

We’ve curated the regular postcards and greeting cards into sets based on themes. That way you’ll get different cards matching one topic.

We also set up a rather elaborative tag system that allows you to find out if a certain image exists on different kinds of cards or in different sets. For example, click on the tag to see all the ways you can purchase image pic145.

So yes, there are a lot of choices. Don’t let it stress you out. Have some fun. Go on a visual journey. Imagine whom you’d like to write to. You could also just pick at random or just buy a bunch. You know: whatever makes you happier…

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Let’s Inspire Each Other

What kinds of cards do you prefer? Or do you still write long letters on stationary? Can we inspire you to send someone a handwritten note? How about telling us which photo is your favorite? Or just tell us something nice. We like that.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

13 thoughts on “Make Someone Feel Special: Happier Place Postcards and Greeting Cards

  1. These are so so cute. What a great idea.

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Maybe you’ll get one in the mail one of these days…

  2. Writing cards is really very cute. I miss reading and writing cards too.

  3. Love how you guys are using your high quality travel photography to create absolutely beautiful cards and postcards. I laughed at the two groundhogs that look like they are kissing! These would be great for any holiday too!

  4. Wow! those pictures are awesome – having it as postcard is not just practical but also creative and innovative way of getting these great pictures utilize and be appreciated. Nice share!

  5. These are really stunning cards. The only hand written messages I get now-a-day’s is from my little kids, hand made picture card’s. Which is really cute, always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

  6. You know what, I miss writing card, letters and postcards. Email and messaging apps have invaded our daily lives, we hardly pickup cards anymore.

    These are super cute. 🙂

  7. Those are really awesome designs. Luci is a very good photographer, the way she captured the scenery and the objects (animals, etc) is just amazing. She brings life to the picture!

  8. These are super cute! I love sending a hand written card to friends.

  9. These are really great, it’s been a while since I sent or received a card with all this technology, we have forgotten how good it is to get a card.

    1. Thank you so much, Joan! I think you’re absolutely right about technology having distracted us from sending cards. That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted us to offer real postcards and greeting cards – to remind us all how sending and receiving cards makes us happier.

  10. These are lovely and certain to put a smile on anyones face. I always take time finding the right card to send someone

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Wonderful to know you still write and send cards, too!

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