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Inviting Happiness and Adventure: Yes, let’s!

Inviting Happiness and Adventure: Yes, let's! - Happier Place

Yes, let’s! Such a short and simple phrase – yet so powerful. Embracing it could change your life. Imagine all the adventures and discoveries you’ll invite in and the happiness that’s sure to follow…

We all know how easy it is to talk ourselves out of an activity – especially in our free time. It’s easier to stay home on the couch than to go outside and hike, bike or go for a swim. It feels much safer to stick with the familiar and routine instead of trying a new sport, a different bar or meeting strangers. But staying home and sticking only with the familiar robs us of so many fun adventures, inspiring discoveries and a chance to be happier.

That’s why we’ve come up with a super simple concept to stop the excuses and live more fully.

Embracing the “Yes, let’s!” Mindset

We’re probably all familiar with the following situation. We’ve got some free time and could be out there doing something active. But we feel too tired, lazy, shy, nervous, stressed, unattractive, unwanted, unwell, anti-social, grumpy, poor, scared or a number of other reasons why we “really can’t right now”. And as much as those reasons might be valid, it’s (usually) up to us to just ignore them. Maybe we can’t shut them down for long – but we can ignore those pesky feelings and thoughts for that short moment it takes to respond “Yes, let’s!”

Imagine just skipping all the arguments why not to do something, and just doing it. Once you’re out there having fun, you’ll probably forget all the reasons that had made you hesitate anyway. So why allow them to keep you from doing something in the first place?

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All it takes is for you to jump over your own shadow* and instead of overthinking it, just allowing yourself to say “Yes, let’s!” For just one moment, stop with the excuses, worrying or self-loathing and instead just say yes to whatever quest for fun comes your way. It’s worth a try!

As you become more open to activities and new things, you’ll invite in possibility, discovery, physical well-being and feeling happier. Over time, it’ll become more second nature for you to just say “Yes, let’s” when someone asks you to do something. Actually, you’ll probably be the one suggesting more activities because you’ve gotten hooked on living life more fully.

Last but not least: of course, you don’t need another person to suggest anything for you to practice the “Yes, let’s!” mindset. We’re sure you yourself have enough great ideas of what activities you could do in your free time later today or on your next day off.

In this case "Yes, Let's!" led to exploring Hewlett Gulch Trail off Poudre Canyon in Colorado.
In this case “Yes, Let’s!” led to exploring Hewlett Gulch Trail off the Poudre Canyon in Colorado.

The “Yes, let’s!” Challenge + Giveaway

Just to get you started, we’d like to challenge you to say “Yes, let’s!” to any outdoor activity that comes your way on your next evening** or day off.

Tell us about what you ended up doing in the comments below or share a photo from your activity on social media with the hashtag #YesLets and tagging Happier Place (on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook). Everyone who participates here or on social media by 8/31/18 will receive all four of our new Happier Place stickers, including the Yes, let’s! sticker.

It should go without saying that we’re not talking about saying yes to things like: Wanna rob that old lady or beat up that kid? We don’t support doing anything that can cause harm to others. So, please don’t do that. We’re thinking more along the lines of walking, hiking, biking, swimming, adventuring, exploring, creating, sunset-watching, picnicking, drinking, playing, loving or anything else you consider living life!

* In case you aren’t familiar with it: “Jumping over your own shadow” is a German idiom that refers to the act of getting over or letting go of something in you that’s been holding you back. Of course, it’s not literally possible to jump over your own shadow (or shoot faster than your shadow like Lucky Luke). But figuratively it’s much easier to do than you might think.

** Did you know that in German there’s a word for the free time after the workday is done? It’s called Feierabend, which literally translates to celebration evening. Talk about a deep rooted “Yes, let’s!” attitude towards afterwork fun times.

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