Snowy egret and double-crested cormorant on lamp post, Fort De Soto, Florida

Guest Blog Posts

In order to offer more diverse content and voices on our website and social media channels, we are opening up submissions for writers, photographers, chefs, and other creators to contribute blog posts.

What We Are Looking For

We are currently looking for fresh, informative, and inspiring guest blog posts in the following categories:

  • Know-How: Information, recommendations, and inspiration for outdoor activities, feeling happier, and/or making the world better.
  • Recipes: Food and drinks ideal for picnics, hikes, garden parties, camping, beach days, boat days, or sunset viewing.
  • Places: Comprehensive visitor guides, text and photo overviews, or just photo essays about outdoor destinations. Because we create so many posts about destinations ourselves (and have many more lined up), we are looking for especially unique experiences.

As of July 2020, we’re also accepting submissions for people and organizations to be featured in our People Profile posts.

We are in particular looking to uplift and amplify voices underrepresented in outdoor culture.

Basic requirements for a blog post:

  • You must write the post yourself and have the rights to all submitted photos and graphics.
  • If it’s mainly a text post, it should have at least 300 words, but not more than 1,500.
  • Photo essays should feature at least 10 photos, but not more than 20.
  • If it’s a combo text-photo post or a recipe, word and photo numbers are flexible.
  • For all posts, we will need at least 2 photos (one vertical, one horizontal).
  • All photos should be original and at least 1600 pixels wide (horizontal) or tall (vertical). We will resize for Retina and non-retina.
  • Please don’t submit anything that features a sponsored product or service – or a post that someone else has paid you to create.

What We Offer

By getting your work published on the Happier.Place website and promoted via our social media channels and mailing list, your thoughts, words, ideas, photos, recipes, illustrations, or other creations will reach people across the globe – who will feel inspired, enlightened, motivated and maybe simply happier because of you. Inspiring people to be happier by having fun outdoors, by being open-minded, and by being kind to each other and nature is why we launched Happier Place. We are definitely looking for like-minded creators, who will see a reward in inspiring and informing others.

But of course, that’s not all. We will link back to your website and online profiles so your audience can grow. For now, we will feature all guest bloggers on this page with links to their posts. Once more guest blog posts have been published, we may launch a dedicated page.

And there’s more: as a guest blogger, you will receive a personalized discount code to our shop – and you’ll even receive a welcome gift from our selection of products.

In the future, we may launch a group exclusive to guest creators and ambassadors to have an online space where we can inspire, educate, and uplift each other. Stay tuned…

Want to Create a Guest Blog Post?

Please tells us about yourself and your idea for a post via this form: Happier Place Guest Post

Suggest Someone (Or Yourself) for a People Profile

Not really a guest blog post per se… But in order to amplify more diverse voices, we are looking to you to suggest people, organizations, and even yourself to be featured in one of our People Profile posts. If you have someone to suggest, please fill out this form (as many times as you like): People Profile Suggestion

Featured Guest Bloggers

Azlin Bloor of LinsFood in her Happier Place: creating beautiful and delicious food in her kitchen.

Azlin Bloor – Chef, Culinary Instructor, Food Stylist
Instagram: azlinbloor
YouTube: LinsFood

A Favorite British Summer Drink: Pimm’s Cup
Azlin Bloor Profile

Joseph Joe McQuillan, Guest Blogger, Cool Wilderness, Happier Place

Joseph Oliver McQuillan
British outdoor enthusiast and trained survival expert, who has climbed mountains across Europe.
Pinterest: coolwilderness

The Mountains Of Britain: Best Climbs and Hidden History

Mike East, Off The Grid Essentials, National Park Nomad, Happier Place Guest Blogger

Mike East
Mike is a husband, father, and all around lover of the outdoors. Mike was raised in Atlanta and after spending many years working and travelling all over the world for the military, he settled down with his family where he currently lives in Northern Colorado.

Instagram: national_park_nomads
Twitter: ogessential
Pinterest: OffGridEssential

Getting Started in Wildlife Photography

This new official guest blog post program is still growing – and some details may change. In the process, we’re open to your suggestions and questions.

The featured photo of the the Snowy Egret and Double-Crested Cormorant was taken by Luci at Fort de Soto Park, Florida.

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