Shipping and Return Policy

CURRENTLY THERE ARE SOME DELAYS IN SHIPPING ON THE SIDE OF THE US POSTAL SERVICE DUE TO COVID. THIS IS BEYOND OUR CONTROL. WE CONTINUE TO SHIP OUT WITHIN A BUSINESS DAY OF YOU PLACING YOUR ORDER. Of course, we are also taking all necessary precautions in making sure your order is handled safely on our premises all the way until we drop it off with the US postal service. 

We really mean it: we want to make you happier! And we based our Shipping & Return Policy on that mission. Please let us know if you have any issues or suggestions regarding the following points.

Shipping Method and Delivery Times

It is our intention to send out all products via USPS Standard Post because, based on our research, it’s the most affordable shipping option for our customers in the US and abroad. This means products mailed to you in the US will usually take 2 – 4 business days, and products mailed to you internationally can take up to 10 business days or more. If you need a product sooner, please reach out to us and we can add an express method.


Shipping & Handling Charge

All Shipping & Handling Charges are based on the actual cost of the packaging and our best estimation of postage for specific items to a specific geographic region. We decided not to add any “handling charges” as is often customary for ecommerce stores. In some cases, we actually even lowered the price you will pay for shipping from what we will pay for postage. We don’t want you to freak out when you find out how much it costs to send a double-wall insulated steel bottle – so we’re “eating” some of the shipping costs. Anything we can do to make you happier… If we realize that this is unsustainable, we may need to adjust shipping charges.


International Shipping Costs + Customs

We know the international shipping costs are high. That’s because it’s expensive to mail things from the USA to the rest of the world. If you really want a product and can’t afford the shipping, reach out to us. Maybe we can find another way. We know lots of travelers…

PLEASE BEWARE: If you are ordering from outside the USA, you may be required by your country’s laws to pay a customs fee. We don’t have any influence over if, or how much, duties or taxes you will be charged by your country of residence. 


Free Shipping

We are currently offering free shipping to addresses in the USA for orders of $50 or more. You don’t need a coupon for this offer. If for some reason, you are ordering something valued at $50 or more to be shipped to a US address, and don’t see the free shipping option during check-out, please contact us.


Return Policy 

Let us state one more time: we want to make you happier. So if you’re not satisfied with a product you purchased from us, please let us know immediately via our Contact Form or the email address in our newsletter. Together, we’ll figure out if you want to get a refund or a replacement. Once we’ve communicated, we will refund the item and shipping costs or mail out a replacement. If the item is non-functional, damaged, or broken, there will be no additional shipping costs for you when we send you a replacement. (We’ve tried to represent all of our products as accurately as possible on this website through descriptions and photos. So if you want to return an item because you just don’t like it, you’ll have to pay for the return shipping costs. You will then get reimbursed as soon as we receive the undamaged and unused product. If you feel like the item was misrepresented on the website, let’s talk.)


State & Local Tax

Merchandise charges are subject to state and local sales taxes for shipments within Colorado and Florida. Other taxes may apply for items purchased online per the 2018 Supreme Court ruling.



At times, we may offer coupons for discounts on merchandise and/or shipping. Please make sure you enter the coupon code before you check out and your credit card is charged. If a coupon you want to use is not working, there may be several reasons, e.g. the coupon has expired, it was a one-time-only coupon and you’ve already used it, the coupon has geographic restrictions, or you haven’t reached the minimum purchase amount required to activate the coupon. These are just examples for why a coupon might not work. Before you abandon your cart because of a non-working coupon, please contact us and we’ll see if we can make it work for you.


Last updated: October 7, 2020