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About Happier Place

Happier Place offers sustainable outdoor leisure products, tips, and inspiration to be happier by having fun outdoors and appreciating nature and each other. Let’s make the world a happier place together!

We provide practical accessories for your outdoor leisure (e.g., drinking, eating, socializing) and inspiring articles, photos and videos to encourage you to go exploring more often, enjoy nature responsibly, have fun, feel connected and create lasting memories. Our aim is to help make this world a happier place by inspiring you to be happier.

We believe everyone deserves to take rejuvenating breaks in their nature happier place before getting back to whatever needs doing! Therefore, we have pledged to work against racism in the outdoors and help increase the visibility of black people and other underrepresented groups in nature. Read more: Nature Features All The Colors… But Does It? Well, It Should!

Who are the people behind Happier Place you ask? 

Scott Solary - Luci Westphal - Whiskey Dog - Happier Place
Scott Solary, Whiskey Dog and Luci Westphal in their Happier Place on Horsetooth Reservoir, outside Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Luci Westphal and Scott Solary. We’re a married couple who has lived in Florida, Brooklyn, Berlin and Colorado. We have traveled on four continents and love exploring new places as much as relaxing in familiar Happier Places close to home with our dog Whiskey.

No matter where we live or travel, we always find a place in nature where we can “take a break from it all” and just enjoy the scenery, the company and some refreshments. This may be Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with a gaggle of friends, a deserted Cuban beach for just the two of us, or taking a visiting BFF to a hidden meadow on Arthur’s Rock for a Colorado picnic. We believe that these kinds of “outdoor breaks” bring more balance and happiness to our lives. 

And everywhere we go, we like to keep our beverages cold, sit comfortably, have everything we need and don’t leave any garbage behind. So we became experts on bringing the necessary accessories and packing practically to transform any Happy Place into a Happier Place.

Happier Place mission - about us

For the record: we’re neither extreme survivalists, hippies nor athletes. Happier Place is not about challenging nature adventures or doing yoga on a paddle board. But if you’re into that, that’s very cool – and we think our products and tips can also enhance your nature experiences. Personally, we’re just more about sipping a mojito while watching the summer sunset over Horsetooth Reservoir.

Definition of “Happy Place”:
noun (with possessive adjective)

  1. A place which a person associates with happiness, visualized as a means of reducing stress, calming down, etc.; (hence) a happy state of mind.
  2. A geographic place where a person experiences happiness (alone or with others). Most often found in nature: like city parks, mountains, beaches or on the water.

Definition of “Happier Place”:
noun (with possessive adjective)

1. A Happy Place enhanced by enjoying food, beverages or whatever floats your boat. Reducing stress even more by bringing everything you want efficiently and leaving nature unspoiled.
Side effect: creates happy memories and the desire to go outside more, revisit your happier place often, be kind, and enjoy life fully!
2. A a physical or mental place where people feel happier.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please write to us via the contact form or you can send us a postcard to our new address (since we just exchanged the mountains for the beach):

Happier Place
3135 1st Ave N
Suite 17085
Saint Petersburg, FL 33733

We really hope we can help you make your life a bit happier by reducing stress, having fun and staying connected with nature.

xx Luci and Scott

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8 thoughts on “About Happier Place

  1. Yours is a very precise definition of a Happier Place … for us places become happier, when our dogs love them … mostly water sides and forests … and we experience exactly the effect that you described Luci.

    Good look for your business and all the best for you and your two companions 🙂

    Thomas Deckert

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Thomas – and for sharing your places. It’s so wonderful to have your name show up over here on my own page. It means a lot to me that you found your way over here!
      Whenever I see pictures of your dogs, they make me happier – so I can imagine that your experience must be just like ours: to see the dog happy and have fun makes us happy and have fun. I think Whiskey is a big reason behind all of Happier Place – because of her we starting going outside all the time, especially to the water. Unfortunately, we don’t have a forest nearby. That’s why I was so excited to discover 2 forest trails about an hour from here (posted a picture of Whiskey on the one trail yesterday).
      By the way, I rewrote the definitions of Happy and Happier Place many times. Typical German of me that I wanted to be precise and clear and set up the structure for everyone to understand. Just now I realized that this version doesn’t mention dogs anymore. 😀
      Thank you again. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend with lots of outdoor fun with the dogs!
      xx Luci

  2. I bought two of the Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles – one for me and one for my far-more-trendy daughter. We both love them. They maintain the temperature of the drink of choice, carry well, and are large enough that I never run out of water! And they’re attractive. Glad you introduced me to the line, Luci.

    1. Oh, Bev, that makes me so happy to read! I’ve been so curious if the other bottle was for your husband or daughter (preserving their anonymity here) – and if you like them. But I didn’t want to be too pushy with follow-up emails. Thank you so much for your comment and also for the review! Now you’re the first person in Canada to have a Happier Place product AND the first person in the world to write a review of a Happier Place product. You truly are making my day!!! Thank you, Bev!
      xx Luci

      1. I’d written a whole lot of reviews / e-mails in my head….. as with so many things that’s where they remained…. in my head! Wld love to set up a time to talk and get caught up at some point.

        1. Oh, I know that all too well. As a matter of fact I was in the middle of writing my response to your earlier comment when my mom called… and I asked her to hold on so I could finish it. And she said: yes, those kinds of things are best done right away or else something else keeps getting in the way. I’ll email you about a time to talk… right away 😉

  3. “we’re neither extreme survivalists, hippies nor athletes” – I love that! I think it’s great that you point that out! It’s for anyone!

    1. Thank you for writing that, Lin! I’m glad it comes across as I intended, inclusive of anyone and not exclusive of certain groups. 🙂

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