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Scott Solary: Marijuana Dispensary GM + Happier Place Co-Founder

Scott Solary of Happier Place - wearing Brooklyn Nets cap at the Poudre River in Colorado

Scott Solary is the general manager of a medical and retail marijuana dispensary. Together with his wife, Luci Westphal, he founded Happier Place.

Scott Solary is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up all over the Sunshine State. For over a decade he lived in Brooklyn and Berlin, working as a video producer and graphic designer. He currently resides in Ft. Collins, Colorado, with Luci and Whiskey Dog.

Scott Solary’s early days of fishing. We used to call them cane poles; now it’s Tenkara.
Scott’s early days of fishing in Florida. We used to call them cane poles; now it’s Tenkara.

General Happy Place category?

The broadest answer is: anywhere near water. That could mean a running stream, an ocean or a lake. I’m definitely happier near just about any kind of body of water. If I can be on a boat, even better. If my wife, our dog or good friends can be with me, even happier! Besides my addiction to fishing, there’s something about water that really calms me and lets my mind let go of stress. And I love to hear water slapping against the hull of a boat.

Specific Happy Place locations?

St. John’s River in Florida – I grew up learning to fish, boat and waterski there; so it’s probably the body of water that had the most influence on me.

The Cache la Poudre in Colorado – I learned to fly-fish on this river and have spent many days on it with Luci and Whiskey or walking alone, fishing, thinking and relaxing.

Horsetooth Reservoir in Ft. Collins – So many good times spent with Luci, Whiskey and friends. Swimming, fishing and just good old relaxing on our little boat, Slow Ride.

The Anchor, Kenai, Kasilof and Ninilchik Rivers near Homer, Alaska – Walked all 4 of these rivers in between salmon seasons (didn’t catch any), but the surrounding nature was so amazing, I’ll definitely return some day when the salmon are running.

Whiskey Cove at the Horsetooth Reservoir right before sunset.
Whiskey Cove at the Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado, right before sunset.

What do you always bring out into nature with you?

I usually have a hat, a Happier Bandana, some canned beers in a cooler or cozies, my phone for pictures, rod and reel (and flies). A plastic bag for my trash and any other trash I find. Whenever I can, I bring Luci and Whiskey dog with me!

Do you have any Happier Place tips?

Cigarette smokers – field-strip your butts by rolling the tobacco near the filter between your thumb and forefinger. Take your butts with you. Put them in your pocket or a container. I hate seeing butts in nature. I usually pick others up when I see them. Show some respect. And don’t forget to grind out the smoldering cherry. Forrest fires suck too.

Beer drinkers – for best results when crushing your can, place it on the ground “top up” and out of the wind. Try to stomp straight down on it with your heel. And shake it out before putting it in your bag or back pocket. It seems obvious to say, but take your cans with you. I’m so surprised at how many beer cans I see left behind in nature.

A dream destination (in space or time)?

Fishing destinations: Christmas Island to catch GTs (Giant Trevally) on the fly. The Florida Keys for Tarpon.

Vacation destination: Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Thailand.

Scott Solary fly-fishing the North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado.
Scott Solary fly-fishing the North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado.

Words of Inspiration?

These might not be inspirational, but I’ve found them to be true.

“It’s one thing or another, and it’s always something.”

“Change is the only constant. And it’s constantly changing.”

Find Scott Solary online:

Scott has a rather healthy relationship with social media, which means he mainly stays off it. Of course, this (Happier.Place) is his website.

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8 thoughts on “Scott Solary: Marijuana Dispensary GM + Happier Place Co-Founder

  1. Inspired by your work (and Luci’s!) and your passion for the pursuit of happiness!

    1. Thank you so much, Marylou. You and Jerome have inspired me from the moment I got to know you – and still do.


    1. Thank you, Ellie!

  3. Oh, my, this posting is absolutely awesome!! I really enjoyed all the pictures & the memories, Scott, that I was such a big part of in your younger years. You are a awesome young man. I so appreciate what you have been able to do with Luci & Whiskey dog. Keep on, keeping on & enjoy like to its fullest. Love, Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom! You were definitely a huge part in shaping me. And we will definitely keep on keeping on!

  4. I must say that is a great interview. I am so happy you guys are so HAPPY! I’ve never been to the Keys but Jeff wants to be my guide in September for our 10th anniversary. Tarpon on.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Beth. So glad to know you enjoyed it. I haven’t been to the Keys yet either. We’ve been talking about taking an anniversary trip down there, as well. You’ll have such a phenomenal time, I’m sure. Also: 10 years!!! Congratulations!
      xx Luci

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