Laughing Gulls communicate, representing Happier Ambassador program

Happier Ambassadors Program

Want to join our team of Happier Ambassadors to help spread the word (and images) about Happier Place and our mission? We’re always looking for inspiring, open-minded, creative, kind, and clever people who love having fun in nature and want to help make people happier and the world better.

Happier Place offers inspiration, tools, and tips to be happier by having outdoor fun, exploring, and connecting with nature and each other. By far, Happier Place is not just about products or “being a brand”. So we’re not just looking for *brand* ambassadors who will show off or advertise our products. (Although, don’t get us wrong: we LOVE seeing people enjoy and promote our products.)

What We Are Looking For

We’re looking for proactive people who are excited about being part of a diverse and supportive team that shares a vision expressed in a multitude of unique voices.

  • If you enjoy having fun outdoors, consider yourself kind and open-minded, respect the environment, believe in positive change, want to help make people happier, are self-motivated and outspoken, embrace social media, and like to share your opinion and photos (of yourself and the outdoors) and Happier Place content, then you might just be the person we’re looking for.
  • If you also like getting free Happier Place products, offering a discount code to your friends and followers, and earning a small commission… then this program may just be what you’re looking for.

We are currently focusing on finding more voices and faces that are underrepresented in outdoor culture.

The “Great Outdoors” itself doesn’t discriminate against age, race, gender, body shape, online popularity etc. We don’t want to either. And we need to hear more diverse voices to keep broadening our horizon and learn more about where and how we can help make the world a better place.

We are not just seeking ambassadors to amplify our vision, we also want our happier ambassadors to show us and the whole team how we can amplify their voices.

You do have to be at least 18 years old (it’s a legal thing) – but otherwise we invite everyone to apply: young, old, female, male, non-binary, gay, straight, black, brown, white, native, foreign, immigrant, expat, and people with disabilities.

What We Offer

All approved Happier Ambassadors receive at least one of our products as a welcome gift.

Each ambassador gets a personalized discount code for our shop that they are welcome to use themselves and share with others.

Products sold via the personalized discount code or personalized links, earn a small commission redeemed as cash or store credit (ambassador’s choice).

Opportunities to promote you and your work on our website, social media channel, and via our newsletter. You might even get whole People Profile blog post dedicated just to you!

Become a member of a diverse, yet like-minded team of outdoor and happier place enthusiasts. In the future, we may launch a group exclusive to guest blog post creators and ambassadors to have an online space where we can inspire, educate, and uplift each other. Stay tuned…

Once you have applied and get pre-approved, we will discuss in more detail what we offer and what we expect of you.

Want to Become a Happier Ambassador?

To apply for the Happier Place Brand Ambassador Program, please fill out this form: Happier Ambassador Application.

Please understand that this is a competitive application and not all who apply will be approved.

Featured Happier Ambassadors

We’re very grateful and excited to see our team growing – and we look forward to introducing more of our ambassadors soon. But for now you can check out this blog post from last fall. Meet Our 1st Happier Ambassadors: Fun, Adventurous, Creative, and Inspiring!

Already a Happier Ambassador and looking for your stats and facts? Head on over to the Affiliate Area.

This newly relaunched Happier Ambassador program is still growing – and some details may change. In the process, we’re open to your suggestions and questions.

The featured photo of the Laughing Gulls was taken by Luci on Three Rooker Island, Florida.

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