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Meet Our 1st Happier Ambassadors: Fun, Adventurous, Creative, and Inspiring!

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We’re proud to introduce a few of our first Happier Ambassadors. They are much more than “just” Happier Place Brand Ambassadors. And maybe YOU could even be one of them!

We’re thrilled to finally make it official! With this post, we are publicly announcing our Happier Place Ambassador Program… and are introducing you to a few of our first Happier Ambassadors!

There are two main reasons why we think of the Happier Ambassadors as more than “just” our Brand Ambassadors:

1. They are inspiring, fascinating, kind, creative, fun, clever, and simply awesome people in their own right.

2. Happier Place offers inspiration, tools, and tips to be happier by having fun outdoors, exploring, and connecting with nature. By far, Happier Place is not just about products or “being a brand” – but about making the world a happier place. And that is the mission everyone at Happier Place, including the Happier Ambassadors, share.

Meet The (First) Happier Ambassadors

The first few Happier Ambassadors are a mixture of longtime friends and inspiring people we’ve met via Instagram, but never in person. There are already a few more that we’d like to feature in a future post. And by then maybe YOU will have joined our team, too…

While there is diversity in age, geography, gender-identity, social media presence, and lifestyle in this group, we’d love to see more diversity on all other levels. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to apply (especially) if you don’t look or live like these fine folks.

In any case, we do believe you’ll find them all interesting. So without further ado, let us introduce you to…

Adam Groffman

Happier Ambassador Adam, Goa, India, Happier Place burlap trucker hat, beach, Travels of Adam
Adam wearing a Happier Place burlap trucker hat in Goa, India!

Currently based in Brooklyn, Adam is a travel blogger and writer who has lived all over the world.

Being a Travel Writer:
Whenever I tell someone I’m a travel writer/blogger, I immediately get the reaction: “oh that must be the best job in the world!” And while there are unique challenges (and a lot of hustle) that make up my day-to-day work, yep, it’s a pretty great job! I get to experience new things all over the world. I feel like I’m in a constant state of discovery.

Outdoor Places:
Okay, well while I do love visiting deserts (see full interview), I do have a special place for beaches around the world, too. There’s something really special about seeing the vastness of the ocean on the horizon. Some of my favorite beaches are those that are a challenge to reach, like several beaches in India. 

Happier Ambassador:
We’re always on the go and that can be so exhausting. It’s important to take a step back, to breathe, and to just be outside. Love the reminders that Happier Place always provides to get out there! Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s helpful to take a moment and refresh your view.

Happier Place Slogan:
Take a break. Go outside. Have fun. It’s something I always have to remind myself because sometimes I just get caught up with the distractions of social media, so whenever I see that sticker, I actually take a pause.

Read Adam’s full interview… Adam Groffman (Travel Writer in Berlin, Germany)
Find Adam on Twitter and Instagram and the Travels of Adam website.

Danielle Bogardus

Danielle Bogardus, Happier Ambassador wearing Happier Bandana while hiking
Danielle hiking with the Happier Bandana and showing her face in Washington State.

Danielle just returned to her original home of Bainbridge Island, Washington, after a 5-year stint in Seattle.

What do you do, Danielle?
I work as a Programs Manager at Uryadi’s Village (an orphan care non-profit), transcribe for a Marine Surveyor, and run a non-profit called Connect-3! Connect-3 uses education, waste, and water assessments as indicators of a community’s resilience and their barriers.

Outdoor Activities:
I love the exposure when I’m hiking and climbing. It’s like everything is stripped down while I am out there, and I can find so much clarity and peace. I summited Mt. Rainer this July, and it was so special for many reasons. Our team was amazing. We were also climbing for Climb for Hope to raise money for Breast Cancer and MS research.

Outdoor Places:
Some of my most formative time was camping in the Peruvian Amazon, on the back of my horse, in the garden, or on a beach called Fay Bainbridge that has been my special place ever since I can remember. 

Publishing Photos:
What I try and do with my photos and sharing of experiences is to make it feel accessible to others.

Happier Place Slogan:
Stop. Look. Appreciate. We are all so driven to keep moving, and that happiness and success is measured by this idea of how much you can or have done. But there is so much beauty in being able to be present; and really that is the only space that we can control and matters. This quote is the simple, yet powerful reminder that I have on my water bottle that brings me back to the present when I become distracted. 

Find Danielle on Instagram.

Judith Hecktor

Happier Ambassador Judith on Three Rooker Island in Florida wearing a Happier Place burlap trucker hat
Judith keeps the Florida sun off her face with a Happier Place burlap hat on Three Rooker Island in St. Joseph Sound.

Judith lives in Berlin, Germany, right next to the old Tempelhof airport, which is now a huge public park.

What do you do, Judith?
I’m a design researcher. I help people discover problems… in order to create products and services that convey meaningful experiences. I really, really love what I do. It’s mostly about observing people’s behavior and their motivation, consideration and conscious decision-making.

Outdoor Places:
It differs and depends on the situation such as season, weather, time of day, mood and also whether I’m with friends or just by myself. Abandoned places attract me a lot. I love to roam around, let my imagination run wild and relive history.

Publishing Photos:
I do not share very much or often, but I like to post memories of places I would like to “conserve” for myself or to share with friends and say “do you remember?” 

Happier Place Slogan:
Stop. Look. Appreciate. I feel that we are losing ourselves in the area of multitasking and “digital Vergleichzeitigung”. I’m afraid most people have forgotten how to appreciate the moment, and that too often they are distracted by the digital world. Including myself. It is a good reminder to train your consciousness and to settle for the simple things. At least once in a while.

Find Judith on Instagram.

Jake Gray

Happier Ambassador Jake climbing Mt. Rainier with a Happier Place hat
Jake during different stages of his Mt. Rainier climb… his Happier Place cap showing signs of all his adventures…

Originally from New Mexico, Jake now lives in Austin, Texas, from where he manages the inventory for 350 stores across the USA. Off the clock, he’s an outdoor photographer and hiking guide.

Outdoor Places:
I love everything from winter to summer in the mountains. Right now my favorite outdoor activity is alpine climbing, by far. Mount Rainier has the most meaning to me due to failure on the first attempt, but success the second time. I continue to go back to the Sierras however and love taking people that have never been.

Publishing Photos:
I want to share what is possible for those who haven’t experienced it, as well as for those who can’t.

Happier Ambassador:
I love helping people be a better version of themselves by going outdoors. The outdoors in turn make them learn about a new happier place. 

Happier Place Slogans:
Do more of what makes you happier.
I’m in my happier place.

Read Jake’s full interview… Jake Gray: Outdoor Photographer and Hiking Guide (Texas)
Find Jake on Instagram.

Kate Guttman

Kate showing off her Let's make the world a happier place notebook and Happier Place camper hat
Kate keeps the Maine sun off her face with a Happier Place camper hat and her notes in a “Happier World” notebook.

A native of Miami, Florida, Kate lived in New York City for over a decade until moving to Huntington in the shadow of Camel’s Hump Mountain in Vermont’s Green Mountains.

What do you do, Kate?
I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom and a Fiber Artist. I have an active and imaginative 5 year old, so getting outside as much as possible is integral to my day. We have over 20 acres of land, so we are lucky enough to be able to duck into the woods when we need a break really easily.

Outdoor Places:
I think my ideal is a hike through the woods, a picnic on a plateau with breezes and views, and then maybe playing in the water at the end of the hike. Though, I must say, sipping coffee gazing at mountains while my kiddo plays in our garden is also a pretty idyllic day. I also love the rugged Maine coast, the combination of sea spray and fir trees is good for my soul. 

Happier Ambassador:
I love Happier Place and the reminder to get outside. I think it is so easy, when feeling out of sorts or low, to anesthetize ourselves inside. It is amazing how going outside can help your mental and emotional health. Even just stepping onto my porch and breathing in deep can help center me when I’m frustrated, and I have seen the profound impact getting outside has on kids. I want to teach my son to explore and be curious and to protect and cherish this world. 

Happier Place Slogan:
Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Happier. I think this world needs a big dose of kindness. And I tell my son every day “Be Kind. Be Brave. Be You.” It takes bravery to be kind sometimes, but I think that being Brave and being Kind can absolutely help make you Happier.

Read Kate’s full interview… The Stitchy Crow: Katherine Guttman (Fiber Artist in Vermont)
Find Kate on Instagram and on her The Stitchy Crow website.

Lisa Goldfarb

Happier Place ambassador Lisa and bike at Bear Divide Picnic Area in the Angeles National Forest
Lisa stopped at Bear Divide in the Angeles National Forest, California, during another epic bike ride and never without her Happier Bandana.

Lisa lives in Santa Monica, California, where she paints fine art pet portraits and landscapes – and from where she starts most of her epic bike rides.

Outdoor Places:
I’m happiest when I’m on the way to somewhere. It’s the journey not the destination. My favorite is being out in the middle of somewhere on a mountain on a 50-mile ride and just climbing slowly up and up and then speeding as fast as I can down the mountain pass.

Outdoor Activities:
Herping with my brother is the best. We would just spend hours looking for a specific lizard in some meadow. I was with him in Costa Rica radio-tracking juvenile iguanas – spending 2 weeks in a remote jungle. I can’t wait to go on a herping trip with him again! And I also still get ridiculously excited when I see the most common of lizards.

Happier Scents:
I have a sachet of balsam fir that I got in Bar Harbor, Maine. Balsam Fir forests only exist in cooler climates and at least above 2000ft. It has the best smell. My dad and I used to plan our hikes so that we would be high enough to be in a Balsam Fir forest. He would pick off some of the needles and crush them in his hand and put it up to my nose to smell. Such a great memory. Now before I wake up or go to bed I grab the sachet from my bedside drawer and take a whiff!

Publishing Photos:
I guess it’s just an impulse to want to share or document an experience that excites me, provoked some sort of emotion. I’m proud of my long bike rides. And people seem to really respond to it, so the likes and kudos encourage me to post. We all influence those around us for better or for worse. None of us are immune. I’m glad to have a positive influence through what I post about especially if it’s about feeling good through fitness and being in the outdoors!

Happier Slogans:
Yes, Let’s!
Stop. Look. Appreciate.

Read Lisa’s full interview… Lisa Goldfarb: Fine Art Painter (Los Angeles)
Find Lisa on Instagram and Facebook and her websites Lisa Goldfarb and Pet Fine Art.

Apply to Be a Happier Ambassador

We continue to look for people to get the word (and images) out about Happier Place and our mission to help people be happier outdoors and in the process make the world a happier place.

In case you have any doubt: we WANT to see more diversity among our ambassadors. The outdoors doesn’t discriminate against age, race, gender, body shape, online popularity etc. We don’t want to either!
(But you do have to be at least 18.)

To apply for the Happier Place Brand Ambassador Program, please fill out this form: Happier Ambassador Application.

If you have any questions, contact us via the live chat (if one of us is currently online) or email us.

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Meet our first Happier Ambassadors: Jake, Adam, Kate, Judith, Lisa, and Danielle... and apply to become a #HappierPlace #BrandAmbassador!

In closing, here are a few more words from our Happier Ambassador Kate:
Getting outside doesn’t have to mean hiking a mountain. It can mean sitting on a bench in Brooklyn people watching. It can mean going to the beach and reading a book. It can mean being at your neighbor’s bbq in their yard and staying outside to look at the stars. We all sleep under the same sky and wake to the same sun. Let’s be happier.

9 thoughts on “Meet Our 1st Happier Ambassadors: Fun, Adventurous, Creative, and Inspiring!

  1. Love the motto “let’s make the world a happier place”. Nature and being outdoors really does bring so much joy, peace and rejuvenation.

    XO, MJ

  2. This is such a good concept!!! I loved reading all about the first ambassadors and would surely love to read about the coming ones.

  3. What a nice look at some of the ambassadors – I love knowing more about them and their backgrounds! I love that you’re looking to diversify the program as well. Cheers!

  4. I love outdoor adventures as well. Specially, after our kid was born, we integrated outdoor activities to nearl every trip. Both of us work in the office so we enjoy this type of travel very much.

  5. I loved this post and loved reading about the Happier Ambassadors, this is great for those who love the outdoor life

  6. I find the concept very interesting. It goes to show happiness is created by individuals not by material things. It’s necessary to take a break, go out and breathe.

  7. I wish I could join, but I don’t go outdoors much. Too old for adventures like that. But these Happier Ambassadors are doing a great job! They are definitely making the world a happier place and staring ripples of kindness wherever they are.

  8. Your Happier Place ambassadors are very inspiring. It was interesting reading about everyone’s job and what they enjoy doing outdoors!

    1. Thank you so much, Lori! Great to know you find the ambassadors interesting and inspiring!

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