Single Postcards (4th Edition)


Fourth edition of individual postcards featuring our shiny outdoor photography – printed on sustainably responsible material.


You know what would be cool? Finding a hand-written note on the back of a photo in your mailbox. Well, then how about you make someone else happier by sending them a hand-written note on one of our outdoor photography postcards? This is our FOURTH edition with brand-new images – giving you even more images to choose from. 

Features and Specifications:

  • size: 6 x 4 inches (15,24 x 10,16 cm)
  • sustainably-sourced, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
  • photography side: glossy
  • writing side: matte
  • extra-large correspondence area
  • photographer: Luci Westphal

Some of these images may also be available as greeting cards or multiple-choice postcards. Find options via the tags or in the shop. Each card is also part of themed, curated sets of 5 different postcards.

If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Images in this set may be purchased as larger photography prints via Luci’s photography website

In order to keep all our postcards and greeting cards diverse and fresh, we are keeping only a limited supply in stock. Products that are listed  “in stock (can be backordered)” are usually mailed out within a day. Products that are listed as “on backorder” have just sold out. You can still place an order, but it will take longer for you to receive it – longer than a week.

Additional information

Weight .2 oz

pic160: sunlit tree ridges, pic192: sparrow, pic171: purple toadflax, pic182: gator and egret, pic161: beached tree, pic193: female red cardinal, pic172: white wildflower field, pic183: two yellow butterflies, pic162: cranberry hibiscus wall, pic173: wild white hydrangea, pic184: paynes pier, pic163: beach morning glory, pic174: bee on blue spiderwort, pic153: Neptune, pic185: forest sunlight, pic164: butterfly on pink roses, pic175: sepia frosted roses, pic154: Prospect Park Arch, pic186: Frankland Bridge I-275, pic165: orange pagoda bloom close-up, pic178: flying tern shadow, pic155: frosted and fogged, pic187: sandhill crane face, pic166: water hyacinth, pic177: laughing gull trio laugh, pic156: south snow trees, pic188: flamingo face, pic167: tall bougainvillea, pic180: flying roseate spoonbill, pic157: Alaska mountain highway, pic189: Tufted Titmouse, pic168: tropical milkweed, pic179: snowy egret head feathers, pic158: Blue Ridge road, pic190: mocking bird, pic169: pink rose bow, pic176: purple blue ginger, pic159: landing heron, pic191: tangerine finch, pic170: pinxter azalea, pic181: raccoon in tree


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