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2022/2023 Happier Questions and Happier Inspiration for a Happier You

2022 2023 Happier Questions Inspiration You Happier Place calendar, European storks

It’s become our annual happier-making tradition: fun, insightful, and motivational prompts and questions to spark a look-back on 2022 and a vision for a happier-making 2023.

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution or focusing on a sense of regret that can sneak up around Old Year’s Day, this look-back / look-forward draws your attention to what can make you happier!

It helps you appreciate what you have and who you are and keeps you on track with doing more of what makes you happier.

If you have the 2022 Happier Place Nature Photography Calendar, then you already have the page with all the prompts right behind the December page. Also behind there, you will find four different coupon codes (up to 50% off and even a free gift).

In case you’re wondering… Yes, all these questions for next year can also be found at the back of the 2023 Happier Place Nature Photography Calendar.

Answer these questions as inspiration for yourself, as a conversation starter with friends and family, or share your answers in the comments below.

Looking back at 2022

1. What made you happier in 2022?

2. How did you make someone else happier?

3. List 3 “things” you’re grateful for…

4. Where was your favorite place this year?

5. What was your favorite activity?

6. Which new place did you explore?

7. What new activity did you try?

8. Did you discover a new-to-you plant or animal?

9. Any favorite (new) outdoor food or drinks?

10. Did you learn something new?

11. Did you have a 2022 motto? Or could you sum up the year in a few words?

Looking forward to 2023

12. What could you do that might make you happier in 2023?

13. How could you make someone else happier?

14. List 3 “things” you hope for in 2023…

15. Where would you like to go / travel to (again)?

16. What activity or event do you look forward to?

17. Which NEW place would you like to explore?

18. What new activity would you like to try?

19. Where can you go near your home to take a break and focus on nature?

20. Any drinks or food you’d like to try (to make)?

21. What could you study or learn more about?

22. What’s your motto for 2023?

Luci’s Answers

Hi. Luci here – co-founder of Happier Place. I figured this year (which has been a year of daring to step way out of my comfort zone when it came to putting myself “out there”) I should share my own answers publicly as encouragement to others aka you. And I’ll try to do all of that on the fly and without overthinking (a goal for me every year).

Looking back on 2022…

  1. What made me happier this year: Gardening, watching birds, playing with WhiskeyDog on the beach, visiting my family in Germany, exploring new places with Scott, biking around Copenhagen, and so much more…
  2. I’d like to believe this made others happier: visiting family and friends, organizing art exhibits and events in my community. As I’ve been told: sharing photos of nature and travels online has brought people joy this year.
  3. I’m grateful for my health and the health of my family, friends, and dog. I’m grateful for living in Florida – a place without war, without winter, and with beautiful nature all around. I’m grateful for all the travel I could do this year. I’m grateful for all the plants and wildlife in my yard.
  4. My favorite place this year would have to be my yard. I thought it would be that beach in Costa Rice. But looking back on 2022, this new oasis that we moved to at the end of 2021 and got to turn into ours, has sustained me and brought me more joy than any other place.
  5. Lots of favorite activities this year: gardening, photographing, exhibiting my artwork, being part of my first artist studio tour, filming for St. Pete Moving Still, traveling, biking in Denmark… hey, it’s really been a great year.
  6. This year I got to explore internationally again: Costa Rica, Copenhagen (I’d been to Denmark, but not Copenhagen), Sweden.
  7. The new activity was kind of an old one: I went out filming again. New about it is that I would stay in one place and just let the camera roll for up to 30 minutes. Being so still in nature felt like a new activity. And then exhibiting these videos as pars of stand-alone, portable frames at a nursing home. That was definitely new.
  8. Saw lots of new animals in Costa Rica. The obvious was the sloth – but it was the tucan out in the wild that truly took my breath away.
  9. Can’t think of any new food or drink I discovered this year. Hm. Goal for 2023.
  10. I learned lots about gardening in Florida, local birds and butterflies. Learned about the places I traveled to. Learned how to lead a non-profit arts organization. Learned to let go of some control and accept others decisions (even if I don’t agree). Learned how to do things that scare me – by doing them anyway.
  11. I don’t think I had a motto. To sum up 2022: a year of creative exploration where I dared to see myself as a visual and social artist and pursue creating and exhibiting artwork and lead an arts organization.

Looking forward to 2023… (added on 1/11/23)

12. Allowing myself more dedicated downtime. Adjusting our own advice a bit: take a break, go outside, and… instead of “have fun” do this more often: “just be”. Also cutting down on some of the things I’ve been doing, like social media interactions and too often showing up for others instead of taking a break for me.

13. Finishing a few unfinished video projects that are intended for other people. Hopefully the launch of my new service company will bring many opportunities to make others happier. Continuing to spread the Happier Place message.

14. I hope for peace in Europe again. I hope my family and I remain healthy. I hope for much more travel this year.

15. This year, I want to make it to France since I had to cancel my trip last year. I’d go back to Costa Rica and Cuba any chance I get.

16. I look forward to the 2023 Historic Kenwood Artist Studio Tour where I’ll be showing new artwork and then wherever I might go for my birthday this year… and then seeing my family and friends in Germany again in the summer… and then getting back on the paddle board.

17. I’d love to see Puerto Rico. And I’d like to finally check out Rainbow Springs and River and Circle B Bar Reserve (all in Florida).

18. Top of my “new activities to try” has been swimming with manatees. I’ve been in touching distance while on a paddle board, but never while in the water.

19. There are many parks and beaches near my home in St. Petersburg, FL, where I can take a nature break. On my list to check out nearby is Egmont Key.

20. Something I haven’t made in a long time is grilling summer pizza. And I’ve already been getting deep into new smoothie creation with the NutriBullet I got Scott for Christmas.

21. I think I need a serious refresher course for Adobe After Effects. Considering to take a class. Even thinking about possibly going back to school all together. For now, I want to learn more about Florida gardening in winter. When is the right time to prune? How much should or shouldn’t I water?

22. My 2024 motto popped into my head during the first mediation of the new year:
You got this! And if you don’t got it, it doesn’t need to get got.

Happy 2023, everybody!

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Let’s Inspire Each Other

Please answer any or all of the questions / thought-prompts in the comment section below. And definitely feel free to add your own inspirational questions and ideas that inspire you to be happier in looking back and planning ahead.

2 thoughts on “2022/2023 Happier Questions and Happier Inspiration for a Happier You

  1. Thank you for sharing your past year with us. I will do the questions after my daughter goes back home. But my favorite place was the same as yours my yard. So happy for you that you can be in yours all year long. Western NY in winter does not encourage me to go outside, but today may go to high 50s so that will be nice. Wishing you a great new year.

    1. Especially when I’m in our garden at this time of year, I appreciate our choice to move to Florida so much. There is still so much blooming right now – even though we also had some days in the 50s recently. But then that’s our low. Hope you get to enjoy some mild days – or otherwise enjoy being in your cozy home with your daughter!

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