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Have More Fun in the “Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.” T-Shirt

Scott having fun in the Happier Place Take A Break guys shirt and Whiskey Dog having fun, not wearing a T-Shirt.

You need it, you want it, you deserve it… you just have to make it happen. Help is here: The new Have Fun T-Shirt is not only a reminder to take a break, it’s also the super comfortable shirt you want for your outdoor fun times.

We’re so excited to finally offer our first guys’ shirt. It took a while to find just the right shirt:

  • Comfortable fit and material (we want you to feel good)
  • Color that works with just about anything (we want you to look good)
  • Ethically and environmentally-conscious manufacturer and local screen-printing shop near our new Florida headquarters (we want all of us to do good)

It’s true; the “Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.” T-Shirt is so comfortable you might be tempted to just lounge around in it at home during your free time. And we try not to judge… Instead we’ll just point out that the soft, light-weight shirt is just as comfortable outside…

Take a break. Go outside. Have fun. Happier Place T-shirt.

Of course, the T-shirt also features the Happier Place core principle: Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.
It’s an excellent reminder for you (and the people around you) to take a break from work, staring at a screen, stress, being lazy or from whatever YOU think you could use a break from… and go play (e.g., run, bike, hike, drink, eat, meet friends, throw a ball to your dog, take photos, stop and smell flowers…). You will return from your break happier, healthier and more energized.

You can do all that in the Have Fun T-Shirt because it’s made for outdoor fun. The Take A Break T-shirt is light in color and material; so it’s perfect for activities in the sunshine. The super soft 100% ring-spun combed cotton feels good on the skin and moves with you. Ring-spun means it’s softer than regular cotton. And of course, 100% cotton means it’s all natural, breathable and won’t trap heat.

While the cut is intended to fit somewhat loosely, it’s still tight enough to wear comfortably under a long-sleeve shirt, sweater or jacket on cooler evenings and days.

Oh, and it has a tear-away label – so you don’t have to deal with anything itchy on your neck. The friendly Happier Place text and icon logos on the back and sleeve have been known to induce smiles. If you don’t like those either – just cut off the sleeves and collar and see how that look works for you.

Happier Place logo, grey t-shirt, man, happy dog, chuckit, Scott, Whiskey Dog

Talking about fashion sense: The light warm grey of the Have Fun T-shirt works with pretty much any color that looks good on a guy. We don’t recommend pink or purple anyway (unless you can truly rock it). This shirt’s color will appear either slightly more grey, more olive or more tan – depending on what you pair it with.

The shirt itself was made by Next Level – a company that has made social responsibility and the environment a priority. Among many other aspects, they ensure all their garments are made sweat shop free, child labor free, and while following all environmental laws and regulations.

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