Yes, let’s! Multiple Choice Postcards


The Yes, let’s… multiple choice postcards are here to kickstart your next outdoor fun time – with someone who makes you happier. Just let them choose the adventure…

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The Happier Place Yes, let’s… Multiple Choice Postcards make it easy and fun to get yourself and someone special out the door and into a nature adventure. 

We know sometimes it’s hard to break the old routine of hanging out at home or doing the same old things when going out. However, it usually makes us happier when do something different and fun with someone. Right?**

What’s holding people back? Lack of inspiration or motivation? Not knowing what one wants? Shy about asking someone out?

We’ve got the fix! 

The Yes, let’s… choice postcards are loaded with inspiring options, a motivating visual and space to add your own ideas. Figuring out what you or someone else wants is never easier than with fun multiple choice, right? Also you’ll make someone feel special by sending a card instead of just another text message. How could they resist?

Instructions / Suggestions:

  • What-Do-YOU-Want-To-Do Method: Don’t check any boxes, just add a friendly note, maybe write an additional choice for the last box, add recipient’s address + a stamp, and send the card directly in the mail.
  • Sweet-Anticipation Method: Don’t check any boxes, just add a friendly note, maybe write an additional choice for the last box, add YOUR OWN mailing address + a stamp, put postcard in an envelope, write recipient’s address on envelope, put a stamp on the envelope, and send the filled envelope in the mail. Wait full of sweet anticipation for the postcard to arrive in your mailbox… to find out what fun adventure you two will have.
  • I-Know-What-I-Want Method: check the box(es) of what you’d like to do and give/send the card to someone else.

Features and Specifications:

  • size: 6 x 4 inches (15,24 x 10,16 cm)
  • sustainably-sourced, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
  • photography side: glossy
  • writing side: matte
  • multiple-choice options printed on writing side
  • all cards have the same text on the writing side
  • choose from 25 images for the photography side
  • optional: envelope
  • photographer: Luci Westphal

Choices Printed on the Postcards:

  • Have a picnic
  • Watch the sun set / rise / shine
  • Explore a new place
  • Go on a road trip
  • Play in / on the water
  • Ride bikes
  • Take a hike
  • Get lost together
  • _________________

Don’t want the ease of the multiple choice and instead write all your own thoughts and ideas? Some of these images may also be available as greeting cards or regular postcards. Find options via the tags or in the shop.

If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, please contact us via the live chat (bottom of screen) or email.

“Backorder” means…

… this card has just sold out. You can place an order, but it will take longer for you to receive it, possibly more than a week. Products that are in stock are usually mailed out within a day.

** In case you’re not convinced of this method of getting happier, check out the article Inviting Happiness and Adventure: Yes, let’s!

Additional information

Weight .5 oz

pic001: snowy tree, pic002: lighthouse, pic003: murmuration, pic004: royal terns, pic005: green river, pic006: Garden of the Gods, pic007: Rockies sunset, pic008: Balanced Rock, pic009: beach palm, pic010: sky reflection, pic011: Rockies lake reflection, pic012: moon lake, pic013: Tulum, pic014: Whiskey trail, pic015: under water, pic016: blue sky water, pic017: Boca Paila Bridge, pic018: Rio Chama, pic019: boat lake, pic020: frigate birds, pic021: Ghost Ranch road, pic022: purple flower, pic023: truck, pic024: Weeki Wachee, pic025: sunset clouds, pic026: Lands End, pic027: duck family, pic028: sea lion, pic029: Governors Island, pic030: lighthouse, pic031: Mediterranean sunset, pic032: fish boy statue, pic033: flower beach, pic034: Four Corners, pic035: Mesa Verde, pic036: autumn leaves, pic037: boot planters, pic038: fired up sky, pic039: ghost farm, pic040: winter sun, pic041: window, pic042: Mount Shuksan, pic043: architect sunset, pic044: Berlin sunset, pic045: gulf sunset, pic046: sun flowers, pic047: red sky reflection, pic048: Wonder Wheel, pic049: Devils Tower, pic050: Mount Rushmore, pic051: Crazy Horse, pic052: Royal Gorge Bridge, pic053: Sylvan Lake, pic054: Horsetooth Reservoir, pic055: Beatles Camera Boy, pic056: Manhattan Bridge, pic057: Snowy Forest, pic058: Turnagain Arm, pic059: harbor boat, pic060: Kachemak Bay, pic061: Alaska Fog House, pic062: Alaska rock hole, pic063: sea otter, pic064: day pond reflection, pic065: St. Vrain sunset reflection, pic066: all-the-colors trees, pic067: Riverbend fall, pic068: terns in flight, pic069: icy fence, pic070: icy roses, pic071: Delicate Arch, pic072: Arches + La Sal, pic073: chipmunk on red, pic074: Mesa Arch, pic075: Canyon + La Sal, pic076: Double Arch, pic077: Balanced Rock Group, pic078: Gossips + Sheep, pic079: bee balloon flower, pic080: Painted Lady butterfly, pic081: Poudre River Gateway, pic082: Gateway Hill, pic083: reflected fall trees, pic084: aspen eye, pic085: aspen trees sky, pic086: autumn leaves, pic087: Longs Peak, pic088: white spring blossoms, pic089: big horn sheep, pic090: dunes with mountains, pic091: dunes with people, pic092: chipmunk on grey, pic093: great egret head, pic094: plumbago blooms, pic095: bloom in the dark, pic096: ibis head, pic097: alligator, pic098: white butterfly, pic099: cranberry hibiscus, pic100: pelican silhouette, pic101: egret take-off, pic102: egret wingspan, pic103: almond blossom, pic104: lake ibis, pic105: seagull sees sunset, pic106: red admiral butterfly, pic107: Smoky Mountains road, pic108: rock river, pic109: forest river, pic110: limpkin, pic111: frigate bird island, pic113: Heimat road, pic114: German boat, pic115: graffiti wall forest, pic116: Cuban boat, pic117: Royal Gorge Bridge, pic118: bee purple flower, pic119: Spanish cat nap, pic120: prairie dogs, pic121: train track trees, pic122: fish cloud, pic123: mountain goat, pic124: party stairs, pic125: city colors, pic126: Painted Wall, pic127: Canyonlands people, pic128: Shafer road, pic129: Pine Arch, pic130: fishing rocks river, pic131: autumn tree trail, pic132: sun through tree, pic133: sunset migration pond, pic134: reflection gradient, pic135: heron silhouette, pic136: nanday parakeet, pic137: lizard, pic138: alligator, pic139: Empire bee, pic140: NYC bee in flight, pic141: Owl, pic142: NYC butterfly, pic143: osprey, pic144: flying snowy egret, pic145: pelican sunset sign, pic146: yellow-crowned night heron, pic147: pelican, pic148: great egret talks, pic149: forest waterfall, pic150: tall tree trail, pic112: frigate bird, pic151: boat dog, pic152: beach road


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