Single Postcards (3rd Edition)


Happier Place outdoor postcards feature original outdoor photography on sustainably-sourced material. Nice! Choose from 50 images on this page – and dozens more in our postcards shop

Find the code of a photo by clicking on the zoom tool, then confirm your desired photo from the drop-down menu.


How about taking a little time to send someone a personal note? Wouldn’t that message be even better on a high-quality, sustainably sourced postcard featuring a photo from the outdoors? Yeah, we thought so, too. That’s why we offer this wide variety of outdoor photography postcards.

Features and Specifications:

  • size: 6 x 4 inches (15,24 x 10,16 cm)
  • sustainably-sourced, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
  • photography side: glossy
  • writing side: matte
  • extra-large correspondence area
  • photographer: Luci Westphal

Some of these images may also be available as greeting cards or multiple-choice postcards. Find options via the tags or in the shop. Each card is also part of themed, curated sets of 5 different postcards.

If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, please contact us via the live chat (bottom of screen) or email.

Images in this set may be purchased as larger photography prints via Luci’s photography website

“On Backorder” means…

… this product has just sold out. You can still place an order, but it will take longer for you to receive it, possibly more than a week. Products that are “in stock (can be backordered)” are usually mailed out within a day. 

Nerd alert: for display on this website these images have been compressed to load faster. The images on the actual postcards have much higher detail.

Additional information

Weight .2 oz

pic119: Spanish cat nap, pic112: frigate bird, pic130: fishing rocks river, pic108: rock river, pic141: Owl, pic120: prairie dogs, pic131: autumn tree trail, pic109: forest river, pic142: NYC butterfly, pic121: train track trees, pic132: sun through tree, pic110: limpkin, pic143: osprey, pic122: fish cloud, pic133: sunset migration pond, pic111: frigate bird island, pic144: flying snowy egret, pic123: mountain goat, pic101: egret take-off, pic134: reflection gradient, pic113: Heimat road, pic145: pelican sunset sign, pic124: party stairs, pic102: egret wingspan, pic135: heron silhouette, pic114: German boat, pic146: yellow-crowned night heron, pic125: city colors, pic103: almond blossom, pic136: nanday parakeet, pic115: graffiti wall forest, pic147: pelican, pic126: Painted Wall, pic104: lake ibis, pic137: lizard, pic116: Cuban boat, pic148: great egret talks, pic127: Canyonlands people, pic105: seagull sees sunset, pic138: alligator, pic117: Royal Gorge Bridge, pic149: forest waterfall, pic128: Shafer road, pic106: red admiral butterfly, pic139: Empire bee, pic118: bee purple flower, pic150: tall tree trail, pic129: Pine Arch, pic107: Smoky Mountains road, pic140: NYC bee in flight


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