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The Happier Place Can Coolers (1st Edition)

Happier Place Can Cooler Koozie

Why are some of the first products we’re offering Happier Place Can Coolers (aka cozies)? To us it was a no-brainer…

A can cooler is a fabric or foam sleeve that thermally insulates a beverage container – often referred to as cozy or cozie. Cozy, cozie and cozies are the general terms for a fabric sleeve insulating a beverage container to keep the beverage either warm or cold. For example there’s a tea pot cozy to keep tea warm and a can cozy to keep a canned beverage cool. Can cooler, or bottle cooler, just makes it a little more clear that the sleeve snuggly fits a can or bottle.

We are huge fans of the can cooler. No really, HUGE fans! We have a large collection at home that we believe started with Luci picking up a can cooler on the Thai island Ko Samet.

Colorful cozy collection - or can cooler collection
Our personal colorful cozy collection – or can cooler collection to be accurate.

Sure, can coolers make for a great souvenir from your travels or state to the world your loyalty to a beloved shop. But Happier Place Can Coolers also serves more practical purposes:

  • Keeps your drink cool
  • Keeps your hands dry (from condensation on can)
  • In the summer: Keeps the heat of your hands from heating up your beverage
  • In the winter: keeps the cold drink from cooling down your hands
  • Better grip on your beverage
  • Less slippery when can rests on smooth surface
  • Disguises beverage brand and type

By now, our personal collection has expanded to include coolers for bottles, tall boys, 40s and even a growler. And knitted bottle coolers are stretchy enough to snuggly fit rectangular-shaped drink boxes.

For our initial roll-out, we’re offering two types of 12 oz. Happier Place Can Coolers:

Neoprene can coolers are our favorite kind. They serve all the practical purposes listed above. And folded up, they fit pretty much anywhere (back pocket, always-ready bag, purse, glove compartment, cooler, etc.). To decide on the color, Luci took a quick glance into our can cooler collection drawer and realized: we don’t have enough grey ones yet… and that color goes with everything! The Happier Place slogan “Do more of what makes you happier” seemed like the natural choice… Cheers!

And then we discovered the existence of burlap can coolers! What?! Burlap?! We don’t have one yet; we must have one; everybody must have one. Turns out that the burlap can cooler keeps drinks just as cool; it has a neoprene sleeve on the inside. But it’s even better on the no-slip/better-grip scale. Feeling the unique natural texture with your fingers matches well with the Happier Place slogan “Stop. Look. Appreciate.” This slogan reminds us of how appreciation and gratitude, even for the little things, makes us happier.

We are planning to offer different can coolers soon (various materials, colors, slogans and images), as well as many other products. Please let us know in the comments below which other can coolers you’d like to see.

Happier Tip: We have fully embraced the love for beverages in a can. And we want to encourage you to choose canned beverages when you head outdoors, as well. We never ever want to bring glass out into nature. You never know when the wind, dog or stoned friend will knock it over and shatter glass everywhere. Boooh! 

If your preferred cold beverage is beer, then luckily most breweries offer their fine selections in cans these days. If your preferred cold beverage is white wine, then we have a solution for you as well: Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (750 ml / 25 oz).

Always feel free to share with us which other products or tips we could provide to make your Happy Place better!

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