“Gratitude Moment” Burlap Can Cooler


Wait! What? A burlap can cooler? Yup, that’s right! The Gratitude Moment Burlap Can Cooler features a unique combination of neoprene (inside) and burlap (outside) to keep your canned beverage cool and declare that you love nature. AND it reveals two “secrets” to happiness: being in the moment + gratitude.

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The collapsible Gratitude Moment Burlap Can Cooler is not just your average thermal insulator of a cold canned beverage. Of course, it does have all the usual benefits up its thermal sleeve:

  • Keeps your drink cool
  • Keeps your hands dry (from condensation on can)
  • In the summer: keeps the heat of your hands from heating up your drink
  • In the winter: keeps the cold drink from cooling down your hands
  • Better grip on your beverage
  • Less slippery when can rests on smooth surface
  • Disguises beverage brand and type

But in addition, the Burlap Can Cooler also:

The high-quality neoprene ensures that your cold beverage will stay cooler longer and block transfer of temperature or moisture between your drink can and your hands.

The natural undyed burlap is made from jute fiber. It celebrates nature and simplicity. It may also remind you of big coffee sacks or those kid purses you and your best friend had in kindergarten during the late 1970s.

Have you ever wondered what the secret to happiness is? Scientists, monks and happier people agree that a secret to happiness is gratitude. Another secret to happiness is “being in the moment.” But with all the hustle and bustle in our lives, it’s often difficult to just “be in the moment” or to feel gratitude for the little (and big) things in our lives. The simple Happier Place slogan “Stop. Look. Appreciate.” reminds you to take that moment, look at what you have or what you’re doing, and experience the rewarding sensation of feeling appreciation and gratitude. For example: feel that burlap under your fingertips, isn’t it lovely?

With its lay-flat design, the empty Gratitude Moment Burlap Can Cooler fits almost anywhere, like your back pocket, always-ready bag, purse, glove compartment, or lunch bag. So even if you have no intentions of drinking, you can always have it near you as a reminder of two happiness formulas: being in the moment + gratitude.

The Gratitude Moment Burlap Can Cooler perfectly fits standard 12 oz. beer, seltzer and soda cans. Tall enough to cover the bulk of the can, but not so tall that your lips touch the burlap when drinking. It’s the little details that count. Of course, it can also be used for a 24 oz. tallboy can – since they have the same diameter at the bottom. It just won’t keep your drink cool as long. So just drink faster.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Material: undyed burlap (made of jute) and high-quality neoprene (wetsuit material)
  • Color: black text on natural undyed burlap color
  • Text: Stop. Look. Appreciate.
  • Fits 12 oz. can (and similar sized items)
  • Fits into cup holder in cars, boats, folding chairs etc.
  • Folds flat!
  • Designed in Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA
  • Made in Texas, USA


  1. Brian R Sparks

    These are great. The neoprene liner keeps your drink cold like a regular cozie but the burlap outside makes it unique.

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