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Anastasia State Park on Anastasia Island (Florida) + VIDEO

Anastasia State Park - terns - Happier Place

Anastasia State Park offers a lovely quick nature getaway from the popular tourist destination St. Augustine. With a vast beach, intriguing wetlands, abundant wildlife and plants, it’s an ideal Happy Place… just waiting for you.

The Florida State Park on Anastasia Island sits right on the Atlantic Ocean. Situated on its own peninsula, it features the wide beach on the east side and the tidal salt marsh of the Salt Run on the west side.

The 1,600-acre (6.5 km2) large Anastasia State Park has an abundance of wildlife: native and migrating birds, sea turtles, crabs, fish and visiting dolphins and manatees. A 4-mile long beach flanked by ancient dunes invites you to go for long walks… or to sit below the dunes in the shade and look out upon the open sea.

Atlantic Ocean beach of Anastasia State Park Florida - Happier Place
Vast Atlantic Ocean beach on Anastasia Island.

In Anastasia State Park you can camp, swim, fish, kayak, and just relax. There’s even some history to explore at the Coquina Quarry, where the coquina rock was mined to build the nearby Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in downtown St. Augustine.

The only thing you can’t do at the State Park is take your dog for a walk on the beach. They are allowed in other parts of the park. And as I always try to remember: the lack of dogs actually makes some people happier.

Pelicans over Salt Run in Anastasia State Park, Florida - Happier Place
Pelicans flying over the Salt Run on Anastasia Island.
Anastasia State Park - Happier Place
A long boardwalk takes you across the wetlands to the beach – leaving the plants undisturbed.
Wetlands in Anastasia State Park, Florida - Happier Place
Who says Florida doesn’t have fall colors? In November, these wetlands plants are just as colorful as autumn in Colorado!
Gopher Turtle - Anastasia State Park Florida - Happier Place
Gopher turtle hiding in the dunes of Anastasia State Park. Happier tip: if you ever find one, don’t put it in the water. It’s a land turtle!
Ancient dunes in Anastasia State Park, Florida - Happier Place
Ancient dunes on the beach in Anastasia State Park.

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Anastasia State Park on Anastasia Island in Florida.

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All photos in this post were taken by Luci Westphal. By clicking on an individual image you can see a larger version – and even order a print, if you’re so inclined. The song in the video is the instrumental version of “I’ll Be Right Behind You, Josephine” by Josh Woodward.

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