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Have Fun Faster with an Always-Ready Bag

Always-Ready-Bag - Happier Place

When you want to take a quick break in nature, you don’t want to be slowed down or become unmotivated by looking for the essentials. To help you get outside and happier quickly, we have a solution: have an always-ready bag packed.

We recommend a small always-ready bag packed at all times. If you keep the bag small, you can easily drop it into a bigger bag (e.g., your beach bag, hiking backpack) on days you want to bring specialty items.

Essentials to have in your always-ready bag:

  • Sarong (works as a blanket, wrap, towel, shade – all in one)
  • Bug spray (ugh, mosquitoes)
  • Broad spectrum sunblock (because only broad spectrum protects against UVB and UVA rays)
  • Small garbage bag (we use dog bags)
  • Granola bar (or other sealed snack that doesn’t spoil easily if it sits in the bag for a few weeks**)
  • Pocket tissues (I swear on German tissues and always bring back a bunch from trips home)
  • Headlamp (you never know how much fun you’ll have and how long you’ll stay out)

Personally, we have a few more essentials:

  • Collapsible water bowl (for the dog)
  • A small bag of dog treats (for the happier dog)
  • A tennis ball (for all of us)
  • Carabiner (comes in so handy)
  • Can Coolers (aka koozies)

And yes, ALL those items fit into the “Take A Break” Always-Ready Bag. The picture of the bag in the bike basket shows it fully loaded with everything on both lists!

Happier Place Always-Ready Bag
Here’s our always-ready bag in action: fully loaded and snug like a bug with a small cooler bag, my purse (I’m a girl after all) and bike lock in my bike basket.

Being prepared with the essentials and not getting unmotivated before you even leave the house, should turn your Happy Place into a Happier Place.

Because we realized that finding such a perfectly sized bag (big enough to fit everything, small enough to fit inside another bag) was very difficult, we decided to offer the Take A Break” Always-Ready Bag as one of our very first products. Please be aware that when you purchase that bag from our store, it will ship EMPTY! You will have to fill it yourself with your essentials and favorites.

Happier Tip: Keep two always-ready bags – one at home and one at work. You never know when you might need a quick escape to your Happier Place! 

xx Luci

* Um, maybe you should consider enjoying outdoor escapes more often… it’ll make you happier.

Do you have an always-ready bag? What do you have in your bag? What do you think we’re forgetting?Please leave a comment below…
Let’s inspire each other!

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