“Makes You Happier” Can Cooler – 2nd Edition


The Happier Neoprene Can Cooler will keep your beverage cool, your hands dry and your mind on doing more of what makes you happier. In other words: C’mon, give yourself a break, have another sip, and do something fun!

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Our bestseller, the Makes You Happier Neoprene Can Cooler is back with a new design and all the same benefits.

  • Keeps your drink cool
  • Keeps your hands dry (from condensation on can)
  • In the summer: keeps the heat of your hands from heating up your drink
  • In the winter: keeps the cold drink from cooling down your hands
  • Better grip on your beverage
  • Less slippery when can rests on smooth surface
  • Disguises beverage brand and type
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage

The high-quality neoprene ensures that your cold beverage will stay cooler longer and block transfer of temperature or moisture between your drink can and your hands.

The Makes You Happier Neoprene Can Cooler perfectly fits standard 12 oz. beer, seltzer and soda cans. Unlike foam can coolers, it’s thin enough that your drink will still fit in a cup holder. It’s tall enough to cover the bulk of the can, but not so tall that your lips touch the neoprene when drinking. It’s the little details that count. Of course, it can also be used for a 24 oz. tallboy can – since they have the same diameter at the bottom. It just won’t keep your drink cool as long. So just drink faster.

With its collapsible lay-flat design, the empty Happier Neoprene Can Cozy fits almost anywhere: back pocket, always-ready bag, purse, glove compartment, lunch bag, backpack, etc. You should never find yourself without one. Hm… maybe you should go ahead and order more than one?

Last but not least, the Happier Place slogan “Do more of what makes you happier.” reminds us of the simple formula of how to lead a happier life: do more of what makes you happier. And if you use the Happier Neoprene Can Cooler around other people, you’ll inspire them to do the same. You’d be doing a public service helping other people to be happier! Imagine happier-ness spreading around the world…

Features and Specifications:

  • Material: high-quality neoprene (wetsuit material)
  • Colors: light grey on the outside, darker grey on the inside, white stitching, white text
  • Text: Do more of what makes you happier.
  • Fits 12 oz. can (and similar sized items)
  • Folds flat!
  • Designed at the beach in Florida
  • Made in Texas, USA

And if you happen to own the first edition of the standard-sized “Makes You Happier” Neoprene Can Cooler, then you own a collector’s item. You’re so cool.

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Weight .55 oz


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