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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites – November 2018

Mountain desert sunset Tucson Arizona for #HappierPlace Instagram Favorites November 2018

November can be so grey and depressing in some corners of the world. But not in these gorgeous photos! Let them inspire you to get outside and find some colors…

This is just a very small selection of the beautiful outdoor photos shared and tagged #HappierPlace on Instagram in November. You can see many more all year round in our @Happier_Place Instagram gallery and when looking up the hashtags #HappierPlace and #Happier_Place on IG.

Of course, we also encourage you to directly visit the galleries of the featured photographers. Just click on any of the names below and see all of that photographer’s latest photos. You don’t even need an Instagram account to view them.

To keep things fresh, we’re only showing one photo per photographer in this post and won’t repeat pictures we’ve already re-posted in our Instagram gallery. The only exception is this month’s winning photo.

To have your photo featured and be entered into this month’s giveaway: make sure you follow @Happier_Place on Instagram and use the hashtag #HappierPlace when posting your outdoor photos.

Let’s inspire each other!

November #HappierPlace Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to @furrydogz who won a $25 Happier Place Gift Card for her photo from Costa Rica.

The winning photo was selected randomly from all the #HappierPlace-tagged photos we re-posted in November.

December Giveaway Prize

The winner (chosen randomly from all the #HappierPlace-tagged we will repost in December) will receive the Happier Place 2019 Nature Photography Calendar. This will be the last month that we’ll be giving away a monthly prize. So if you want to win, make sure you tag your photos #HappierPlace in December!

The main post photo was taken by Luci in the Santa Catalina Mountains while driving to Tucson, Arizona, on Catalina Highway.

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6 thoughts on “#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites – November 2018

  1. These are all so lovely! I love the color and everything in every photo.

  2. These are gorgeous photos! Bring on Christmas!

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I will have to check out the happierplace hashtag on Instagram to see all the beautiful photos that have been tagged.

  4. All of these places are so very beautiful. They definitely are something to be happy about and make you smile.

  5. These photos are just amazing. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. These places all look absolutely stunning, some beautiful natural wonders. What a nice round up x

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