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Always Be Ready to Do More of What Makes You Happier… Bag

Do more of what makes you happier bag on a tree at Clearwater Beach during sunset

Introducing the new Do More Of What Makes You Happier Bag – which makes it easier than ever to actually do that! Have your bag always ready for that window when you get to do whatever you want. 

You may be familiar with one of the Happier Place core ideas of having an always-ready bag filled with whatever you need to have more fun outdoors. It helps us personally to get outside faster, more often and with more satisfaction because we always have all the little things we need with us.

The Take a break. Go outside. Have fun. Always-Ready Bag was one of our very first products and remains our bestseller. We quickly learned that customers were using the bag for other activities than just outdoor fun. So we figured it was about time we offered a new bag that is the perfect fit for WHATEVER you do that makes you happier (which you should always be doing more of, naturally.)

Do more of what makes you happier bag going for a ride in a 1964 Ford Fairlane

Just like its predecessor, the Do More of What Makes You Happier Bag is perfectly sized for all kinds of hobbies, fun activities and happiness-inducing adventures. It’s big enough to hold all the small and medium-sized items you might need; but small enough to still fit into your shoulder bag or backpack. With its collapsible design (with a 4.5-inch gusset at the bottom), it takes up just the amount of space all your items require.

The more general slogan “Do more of what makes you happier.” will motivate you to do exactly that – no matter if it’s outdoor or indoor fun.

Just in the nick of time before the holidays, the new bags just arrived at our new headquarters at the beach in Florida. Why is the timing so important? Because we also learned from our customers that the bag makes a perfect “gift bag” filled with items that will make someone else happier.

Also, we want to encourage you to give such a present to yourself as an inspiration and motivation to do more of what makes YOU happier in 2019. You know you deserve it!

A few suggestions for filling a Do More of What Makes You Happier Bag for yourself or someone else:

  • Lens cleaner, camera filters, batteries, and charger.
  • Box of fishing lures, nippers, and leader.
  • Book, reading glasses, notepad, and pen.
  • Sketchbook and pens.
  • Bicycle repair kit, energy bar, and sun block.
  • Bluetooth speaker, charging cable, music player (streaming, mp3, cassette…)
  • Dog treats, bags, collapsible water bowl and ball for the pup.
  • Whatever you need to do more of what makes you happier…

For those of you who are familiar with the “Take A Break” Always-Ready Bag: This new bag is an updated version made from the same material in the same colors, but with some improvements. The top and bottom are designed slightly different, and the overall height is a bit shorter.

Instead of a true gusset, there’s an actual rectangular bottom to the bag (4.5 by 6.5 inches). A flat bottom can be an advantage in organizing and keeping the bag upright. The zipper is now one piece, which means there are less threads.

Of course, either of the bags is a great choice to have as your always-ready bag for outdoor or indoor fun.

Let’s inspire each other!

What would you put into your Do More of What Makes You Happier Bag?

Please leave a reply below…

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Do more of what makes you happier bag in Clearwater during sunset. Happier Place

27 thoughts on “Always Be Ready to Do More of What Makes You Happier… Bag

  1. Such a great design! And that message is amazing as well. 🙂

  2. What a great reminder you get to just take around with you

    1. Thanks, Erica. I think it’s an important reminder. Hope you get to do what makes you happier today.

  3. Canvas bags with some sort of message printed on them are an easy way to announce your attitude to the world with minimum effort. I like your list of ideas to fill a ‘what makes you happy’ bag. Nice concept.
    – Nandita

    1. Thank you so much, Nandita!

  4. Cute storage bag. I love traveling, organizing and doing art. It’s definitely important to keep being inspired.

    1. Thank you. Glad you like it. Sounds like you would have all kinds of uses for it.

  5. I loved the concept of Do More Of What Makes You Happier Bag. A great way to remind oneself of the most important thing in life i.e. chasing happiness and our dreams 🙂

    1. Makes me happier to read you love the concept of the bag. Now let’s go chasing some more… 🙂

  6. I love this bag, I will put my passport, my phone, my credit card and a charger then I will go on a world tour. 🙂

    1. That sounds like the perfect collection of items to go into the bag for your world tour! Enjoy!!!

  7. I love these bags, especially the go outside one! I have a lot of friends who are bloggers so would probably fill it with photography inspired gifts and pretty stationery.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Jayne! The “go outside” bag is our original bag and the one I use all the time. Those are super ideas for gifts to go in the bag for bloggers!

  8. This is such a cute bag! It’s a great size to hold some smaller items that always wind up at the bottom of my tote bag.

    1. Thank you, Christa. That would be a great way of using the bag!

  9. Great idea. Half of getting out and doing is gathering up what you need. Sometimes you only have a few minutes to fit in some relaxation time. Having all of your things together and ready to go would definitely help.

    1. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I first came up with having an always-ready for outdoor fun bag packed… which then led to wanting to recommend such a bag to others… which then led to us designing and selling our own when we couldn’t find the ideal bag to recommend. Always great to see when someone else appreciates the Happier Tip!

  10. Super love the bag and the message is really great! Thanks a lot for sharing.


    1. Yay! Thanks so much, Chad! Glad you love the bag!

  11. Cute bags! I knew they were stuff like these but I haven’t seen any in the market.

    1. So glad you found our bags and think they’re cute. Now you know where to get them. 🙂

  12. Wow, an inspirational bag. ☺️ It’s cute and you could always read unlike tshirts that you don’t usually use.

    1. Thank you, Surekha! That’s a great point you’re making about bags being used more than T-Shirts. That probably explains my collection of canvas, cotton and hemp bags that has just about outgrown my T-Shirt collection…

  13. Im all about inspiring quotes so this bag is an automatic favorite for me

    1. That’s great! We are too.

  14. cute gift idea. would be fun to fill with goodies and give it to someone for Christmas.

    Joy at

    1. Thanks, Joy. That’s what a lot of customers did with the bag we offered last year. Seems to have been a big hit!

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