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Perfect for Whatever, Whenever: The Happier Always-Ready Bag

The first Happier Always-Ready Bag and Whiskey Dog in Colorado Happier Place.

When we couldn’t find the perfect bag to recommend to you for having outdoor fun faster, we decided to design and sell our own Happier Always-Ready Bag. And it’s become our best-selling product!

Back in August, Luci wrote the Happier Place Know-How article “Have Fun Faster with an Always-Ready Bag“. She recommends keeping a packed bag ready with all your outdoor essentials and favorites. The bag we had been using for that purpose was a smallish Dr. Seuss bag from Target. The size was great (about 6-pack size) – but the bag was far from ideal and not available for sale anymore anyway.

We started looking at online stores for just the right bag to recommend to you… and it turned out, we couldn’t find it. What’s the point of writing a Know-How article, if you can’t actually get what is being suggested? So we decided to figure out what makes for an ideal Happier Always-Ready Bag and find a manufacturer.

We ended up getting the bag and the handle from two different manufacturers (Texas and China, respectively) and assembling the final product ourselves in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What makes the Happier Always-Ready Bag so ideal:

  • Perfect Size: Big enough to fit everything you’d always want to have with you… but small enough to fit inside your regular backpack or shoulder bag.
  • Zipper: Nothing falls out.
  • Short Removable Handle: Dangle it from your wrist, pull it out of your bigger bag – or remove handle and use it on something else.
  • Natural canvas material with black accents: Looks good with everything and everywhere.
  • Happier slogan and logo: inspiration to have more outdoor fun and be happier!

Of course, you don’t have to use this bag as an “Outdoor Fun Times” Always-Ready Bag. We know people who are using it as their to-go sewing kit, grab’n’go painting kit, dog ready-bag, and jewelry bag – to name just a few alternate purposes.

What should our next Happier Always-Ready Bag say?

As mentioned above, we’ve almost sold out of the first Happier Always-Ready Bag, which features the inspirational slogan: Take a break. Go outside. Have fun. 

We’d love to hear your input on what our next bag should say (in the comment section below).
Here are a few options:

Do more of what makes you happier.

Stop. Look. Appreciate.

Yes, let’s!

Be brave. Be kind. Be happier.

Let’s make the world a happier place.

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Perfect for Whatever, Whenever: The Happier Always-Ready Bag - Happier Place

16 thoughts on “Perfect for Whatever, Whenever: The Happier Always-Ready Bag

  1. “Stop. Look. Appreciate.” because I need to be reminded! However, I agree with Lisa that your logo on the bag would look great.

    1. Dianne, thank you so much for your comment here. I think you and I had talked about the slogan for the next bag a good while ago – and that this was the reminder that you thought would be most helpful. It’s good to have it in writing here. And thank you for also saying that just the logo would look good. That’s a great vote of confidence. Thank you!

    2. I love this one the most.
      I would also love Kindness matters,be kind to yourself

      1. Thank you, Beth! We appreciate your vote for “Stop. Look. Appreciate.” – and also your new suggestions.

  2. Let’s make the world a happier place

    1. Thank you so much for your input, Shary. I like spreading this sentiment.

  3. I guess I’d go with “Yes, Lets.” But Id be more likely to buy a plain one with just your logo….your logo is so so awesome. I don’t feel it needs anything else. I like the minimal look. If I felt it too blank I would then decorate it with fabric markers 🙂

    1. That’s very fascinating! Hadn’t really thought about no text on the bag.
      But first of all: thank you for the compliment on the logo. I’d like to believe that Scott and I created that in total team work. Although I just came up with a general idea that looked very lame, then he created something way better – and then I got to make him adjust one thing.
      Of course YOU could decorate the bag with something awesome. Makes me think that maybe in the future we could sell canvas products WITH fabric markers. So many ideas…

  4. “Be brave. Be kind. Be happier.”
    “Let’s make the world a happier place.”

    1. This is getting exciting! We’re having some ties… Thank you “DL”

  5. Do More of What Makes You Happier!


    1. Thank you, Lauri! I can’t get enough of that reminder.

  6. 1st choice: Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Happier. 2nd choice: Let’s make the world a happier place.

    1. Ooooh, a 1st and 2nd choice! I like it! Thank you so much, Ellie!

  7. Be Brave. Be Kind. Be happier!!!!

    1. Thank you, Kate!

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