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Spread Some Joy with the Happier Place eGift Card

Happier Place eGift Card featuring Mount Shuksan

DISCONTINUED – until further notice. 

Everyone loves giving and receiving gift cards, right? We sure do. That’s why we’re so excited to finally offer a Happier Place eGift Card.

The Happier Place eGift Card is here to make you and yours happier! Want to spread some joy? Don’t know which Happier Place product to get as a present for someone else? Can’t quite decide on what to get for yourself right now? Want to use a discount coupon that’s about to expire? Need to send little somethings of equal value to several people? The Happier Place eGift Card can do it all!

Benefits of the Happier Place eGift Card!

We’ve been wanting to offer a gift card for the Happier Place store because, as mentioned above, we like the idea of gift cards personally – both giving and receiving them. Obviously, it allows the recipient to choose which specific item they’d like to get for themselves. Also, it’s super fun to “go shopping for free”.

Getting a gift certificate for a specific company is a lot more personal than receiving money – because the giver does have to put thought into what the receiver actually likes. But choosing a gift card is not as stressful as choosing a present can be. Last but not least, the receiver doesn’t end up with a gift that they don’t want, but for which they’re expected to be grateful.

To offer a gift card for the Happier Place shop, we had to weigh a bunch of options, set some priorities and then purchase a website plugin that would feature all the particulars we want to offer to our customers.

The first decision was to only offer “electronic” Gift Cards for now (vs. physical cards). There are several advantages of such a virtual card. Mainly, there are no shipping costs and no shipping delays. The recipient can receive the gift card immediately; great for last minute presents. Of course, a virtual card is also super environmentally friendly! No paper, no plastic, no transportation utilizing jet fuel.

The specific system we chose offers all these additional benefits…

The buyer can choose the monetary value and the date the eGift Card gets sent.

The buyer can send multiple cards of the same value and with the same message to several people.

The recipient can check the remaining balance at anytime on our website.

Shipping and sales tax can be paid with the gift card!

A Happier Place eGift Card can be used to purchase another Happier Place eGift Card. This came in very handy while testing the card. But more importantly, it makes it possible for someone to “regift” a Happier Place shopping spree… because they already have one of everything.

How the Happier Place eGift Card works:

The Happier Place eGift Card is a virtual gift card that you can send to anyone via email right from our store. Of course, you have to pay for the value of the card and you need to know the other person’s email address.

You get to choose between several monetary values or set a custom amount for the value of the eGift Card (anything from $5 to $250). You choose the date when we will send the email with the gift card code to the recipient; anytime between now and 1 year from now.

The recipient gets to pick whatever they want from the Happier Place shop up to the value of the card, including shipping and taxes (if applicable). The recipient doesn’t have to spend the whole amount at once. They can always check their balance (and add funds). They can also add use an additional payment method during check-out if they want to spend more. Coupons and other discounts can be used in combination with an eGift Code.

Happier Place eGift Card Benefits and Options

Drawbacks of an eGift Card?

Well, there’s the obvious: the recipient knows how much you were willing to spend. Except they don’t know for sure. If you’re using any discount codes (e.g., Cyber Monday discount, or newsletter sign-up discount), you may have paid less than the value of the gift card. You’re a smart cookie!

Purchasing an eGift Card means you don’t have a physical gift you can hand to someone in person or have sent via snail mail. But we’ve got two work-around suggestions for that.
First of all, you have the actual eGift Card sent to your own email address.
Option 1: Then you can either print out the received email with the eGift Code and add that to a nice card + envelope… or into one of our Always-Ready Bags)… or write it on the back of one of our stickers.
Option 2: Or you can copy the eGift Code into something you write up or design yourself… maybe using a photo of where you’d like to have some outdoor fun with the recipient…

Right now, the email to the recipient doesn’t include the Mount Shuksan photo – but just a plain colored shape of a card. We hope that in the future we can crack the code and add a photo to the actual eGift Card.

Since we have just launched the whole eGift Card system, we’re very curious to hear how you liked the experience of purchasing or receiving one. Or maybe you chose against purchasing one? If so, we’d like to know the reasons. We may offer a physical card in the future. Maybe you have thoughts about that?

Please feel free to ask us any questions about this or an of our products by leaving a comment or contacting us directly

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