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The perfect gift for anyone who likes to have fun outside: a Happier Place gift card! You choose the monetary value of the gift card, the recipient gets to pick what they want from the Happier Place shop. Easy, rewarding, and everyone is happier.

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The Happier Place gift card is here to make you and yours happier! Want to spread some joy? Don’t know which Happier Place product to get as a present for someone else? Can’t decide on what to get for yourself? Want to use a discount coupon that’s about to expire?

Get a virtual Happier Place gift card!

You choose the custom amount you want to spend, who will be the recipient of the gift card and when they will receive the gift card via email. You also get to add a message to your virtual Happier Place gift card.

At the time of your choosing (between “now” and a date a year into the future), the recipient will get an email with your message and a code they can redeem in the Happier Place shop for the amount you chose.

The gift card can be applied to shipping costs and taxes (if applicable).

The recipient doesn’t have to spend the entire amount at once. The remaining balance can be checked (and funds added) on the Gift Card Balance page.

Oh, and since it’s a virtual gift card: it’s super environmentally friendly! No paper, no plastic, no transportation utilizing jet fuel. Cool, right?

You can even send gift cards to multiple people at the same time – for the same amount each and with the same message. Ideal if you want to send gift cards to all your siblings, employees, band members or everyone in your picnic group (aka outdoor dinner club) – to name just a few people who deserve outdoor fun presents…

Happier Tip: If you don’t want an email with the code sent to the recipient, but instead create your own email with the gift code or print out a gift card to give as a present? When purchasing the gift card here, put your own email address as the recipient. Now YOU will receive an email with the gift code that you can either print out or copy the code into your own communication.

Questions about the virtual Happier Place gift card? Contact us.

Happier Place Gift Card

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