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The Happier Stainless Steel Bottle With Bamboo Top

Happier Stainless Steel Bottle - Happier Place

Thirsty much? Then we have the ideal companion for you! Meet the vacuum insulated Happier Stainless Steel Bottle With Bamboo Top. It’s functional, beautiful and environmentally friendly!

You’re savvy. You know you should drink lots of water during the day. You know white wine tastes better cold. You know you shouldn’t bring glass out into nature. You know all you’re missing on this brisk autumn day walk is a warm beverage.

Maybe you’re also thinking: I want a bottle large enough to accommodate at least half my daily water intake or a whole bottle of wine. But I don’t want one of those huge reusable bottles that don’t even fit in my bag or a cup holder. Also, I don’t like bright colors because they’re girly / clash with my outfit / give me headaches (hey, these are YOUR thoughts – we try not to judge).

To fulfill ALL those needs and desires, we’re offering the 750ml (25oz) Happier Stainless Steel Bottle With Bamboo Top.

Happier Stainless Steel Bottle With Bamboo Top Size Comparison - Happier Place
Happier Stainless Steel Bottle in matching company

The double wall vacuum insulated bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Holding 750ml (25oz), it’s perfectly sized to fit a whole bottle of cold white wine or spirits, two cans of beer, seltzer or soda, enough cocktails* to share with friends, or three glasses full of refreshing water. If you’re trying to get your recommended 64 ounces (about 2 liters) of daily water intake, you only have to fill it up 2 ½ times! And thanks to the stainless steel, there are no residual flavors.

The lid comes with a convenient stainless steel handle for easy carrying or hooking to a bag. The bottle also fits the cup holders of a car, chair or boat! So practical! The polished easy-pour mouth feels smooth on your lips and fits full-sized ice cubes. The food-grade silicon seal will keep the bottle from leaking. The double wall keeps condensation from collecting on the outside.

We believe that you can’t beat the timeless design of brushed stainless steel and the natural bamboo lid. It looks great anywhere: in nature, at the office, on the subway, or wherever your adventures may take you. Each bamboo lid has its individual natural woodgrain markings. Making each bottle unique. You could even have your name engraved on the bottle so you don’t mix it up with anyone else’s Happier Stainless Steel Bottle With Bamboo Top.

The subtle branding won’t distract from the beauty of the bottle or your surroundings. The small etched Happier Place logo on the bottle itself is an environmentally friendly choice – avoiding the footprint of paint on the environment.

Happier Stainless Steel Bottle - Happier Place Logo
Subtle Branding: Etched Happier Place Logos on Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle And Bamboo Top

A little bit more about the production of our bottle. Our aim with Happier Place is to offer you products that not only make you happier but also leave less of a footprint on the environment. Ideally, they should also be made in the USA, because that’s where we’re currently located – thus it would support our local economy and lessen the environmental impact of long-distance transportation. All our other products so far are American-made. However, it turned out that double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles are only manufactured in China. That’s right – all the other such bottles that big brands sell (for a much higher price, if we might add) are also made in China. It wasn’t our ideal choice – but it was our only choice if we wanted to offer you this essential on-the-go product.

The great thing about all these bottles being made in the same place is that the tops are interchangeable. This means that standard Hydro Flask caps and Kleen Kanteen caps fit the Happier Stainless Steel Bottle – if you prefer a different enclosure, like a sports cap, for example.

Happier Stainless Steel Bottle and Always-Ready Bag at the Poudre River - Happier Place
Insulated Happier Stainless Steel Bottle and “Take A Break” Always-Ready Bag at the Poudre River.

Whenever you use your Happier Stainless Steel Bottle With Bamboo Top instead of plastic bottles or taking glass bottles out into nature, you’re helping our environment. Thank you for making this world a happier place!

Please drink responsibly. Cheers!
xx Luci + Scott

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