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Classic or Slouchy: The Happier Place Beanies Are Here!

Happier Place Beanies - classic beanie and slouchy beanie - children sculpture Largo Central Park Florida

The first Happier Place Beanies are here to help you have more fun during the colder months. Cold weather shouldn’t keep you from having outdoor fun. You only have to dress right for it.

Are you familiar with this saying? “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes.”

If you’re German, you’re overly-familiar with the original “Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur falsche Kleidung.” There’s also the Norwegian variation: “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” That one translates to the subtly different: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”

With this in mind, we are now offering the first Happier Place Beanies – to keep our heads warm and you looking good while you’re having fun outdoors.

Happier Place Rib Classic Cuffed Beanie on child sculpture in Florida

While the myth that we lose most of our body heat through the head was debunked by scientists a few years ago, there’s still an important truth buried in that myth. Theoretically, the loss of heat happens equally over the entire surface of the body. But… if on colder days we wear clothes covering our entire body, leaving only our head exposed, then we do lose more body heat through the head. Stay warmer, stay healthier, get yourself a Happier Place beanie.

Here’s another question: do you use the term hangry – the adjective describing people who are irritated or angry because they’re hungry? Some people get just as cranky when they’re cold… which can provoke other people to be less happy. A good reason why we can say: wearing Happier Place Beanies makes people happier… in the cold.

About the actual Happier Place Beanies

Just like when we introduced the Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat and the Happier Place Camper Hat, we wanted to make sure we give you different styles to choose from. That’s why we’re offering the totally timeless classic beanies in charcoal grey and the more-relaxed slouchy beanies in light grey and charcoal.

The rib knit of the Happier Place Classic Cuffed Beanie is a cotton-acrylic blend. Therefore, the double-layered hat feels smooth without being too soft. The beanie fits comfortably snug without being too tight. It should stay on your head during all your outdoor fun times – or while doing your thing on the docks and piers. This kind of hat is also referred to as a fisherman beanie for a reason!

The Happier Place Slouchy Beanie was made from 100% acrylic threads. So it keeps your head warm, yet is soft and falls easily into the slouchy look. You can also fold over the bottom to create a cuff – if you’re not into being all slouchy.

All our current beanies feature a stylish accent in the form of the Happier Place compass logo that spreads cheer and wanderlust in a very subtle way. The label folds over – so the logo is visible with and without cuffing the hat. Insider info: the woven logo label was sewn on personally by Scott.

Happier Place Slouchy Beanie with folder-over woven label

Right, about the photos… don’t think that these hats were made exclusively for statues of children (or children, for that matter). So let’s make it perfectly clear:

The Happier Place Beanies are sized for adult human heads!

It’s just that we needed to get some photos for this post and were feeling a bit camera shy. So we took these photos with the help of the children sculptures in Largo Central Park in Florida, which also explains the lush green backdrop in the middle of December. The sculpture heads happen to be about the size of adult humans just with some very stiff hair.

We are however looking for some great photos of our beanies and all our apparel. So send us your Happier Place apparel selfies! We will feature them in our Instagram Stories and maybe more… And if you live in Central Florida and would like to model for us, be in touch.

Happier Place Slouchy Beanie in charcoal worn by the I love my puppy sculpture in Largo Central Park

Let’s inspire each other!

Which of the beanies do you prefer? Or do you wear tucker hats and baseball caps throughout autumn and winter… or headbands? 

Please leave a reply below – inspired by these questions or whatever you’d like to share…

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Happier Place Beanies - classic beanie and slouchy beanie - children sculpture Largo Central Park Florida

21 thoughts on “Classic or Slouchy: The Happier Place Beanies Are Here!

  1. Wow..that statue looks more cute with these Beanies. It will be useful during this cold time.

    1. Anything to make art look better 😉

  2. These beanies look great! And they are for a good cause 🙂

  3. Those hats look nice and cozy.

  4. These slouchy beanies look warm. Great gift for the kids!

    1. Glad you like them. They are warm. And they are best fit for adults and maybe teenagers. For little kids they’re too big. These sculptures are not normal children’s sizes 😉

  5. These beanies are so adorable! The brand name is perfect for these cute beanies 🙂

  6. Those beanies look great. We want one!

  7. I have so much hair, the slouch is the only one that would fit haha. I do love a good beanie though and these look cool.

  8. I like the slouch beanie. I’ve never owned one. I want one!

  9. The beanies look amazing. It will be useful during this cold time

  10. Thanks for sharing the lovely captures here, the design of the beannie so nice & comfy looking 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. I understand the camera shy. I live in Florida but we do visit cold places. Do you know how hard it is to find a winter hat in Florida? It could be a whole market for you.

  12. I really feel the cold and these statues with their beanies look great!

  13. Lovely beanies! I always wear a beanie during cold season. My head always feel cold the most!

  14. The beanies look so cute. A great movement I must say. Lovely.

  15. I must have one of those beanies, too cute! And, yes, I am definitely one of those people who is cranky when I am cold!

    1. Thank you! Hope you’ll get one. 🙂 And between you and me, I am ALSO one of those people who get cranky when cold.

  16. Hahaha, the statues look so adorable with these beanies. Great idea for the promotion!

    1. Yay! I’m so happy to read that you like the beanies on the statues! It did feel like a bit of a daring move.

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