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Thoughtful and Ready for More: Happier Place Pocket Notebooks

Happier Place Pocket Notebooks: Be Kind + Gratitude Moment + Happier World

The Happier Place Pocket Notebooks are perfectly sized to fit into your pocket and always be at hand for your notes, thoughts, sketches and all-important doodles… or whatever you want to put on paper.

Right, paper! Real, feels-good-to-the-touch paper! Don’t you love putting pen to paper instead of just tapping away in a lifeless app? We do! And we think it’s an important item that can turn a Happy Place into a Happier Place. That’s why we’ve been wanting to offer a notebook in our store for a long while.

Some time ago, we already had one kind of Happier Place notebook made. But the result was so disappointing that we never even offered it for sale. For a little while, we debated if to offer Moleskine books with our logo printed on the front. They’re pretty nice books and popular, just rather overpriced.

But ultimately, we wanted to stick to our vision and work with a small business that makes the environment a priority. We are so excited to have found Scout Books in Portland, Oregon, to make our first (official) set of pocket notebooks. Not only are they still a small business and use 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based ink for the books, they’re also certified as a B Corporation!

From the Scout Books Blog: “B Corporations meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” We are thoroughly impressed and inspired by all that Scout Books does to make the world a happier place.

We currently offer three different Happier Place Pocket Notebooks

They’re all the same size (5 x 3.5 inches, 32 pages). All of them have the same flexible book cover that makes them comfortable enough to be carried on the body, but sturdy enough to protect the pages. Each book has a different featured slogan and a different page finish:

The Happier World Notebook slogan (Let’s make the world a happier place.) serves as positive motivation to do something joyous, kind, or anything proactively positive for our world. The pages feature a dot grid, which gives anchor points but not the confinement of lines.

Being in the moment and experiencing gratitude are two paths to feeling happier. The Stop. Look. Appreciate. Sketchbook is a great reminder to do just that. With its blank pages, it’s ideal for drawing, sketching, or collecting stickers… or capturing whatever you appreciate.

The Be kind. Be brave. Be happier. Notebook dares you to contemplate that concept, act with an open mind and an open heart, and to allow human connection, adventure and joy into your life. The lined pages invite you to put your words down on actual paper instead of using a lifeless app… Because interacting more with an analog environment probably also makes us happier – and definitely healthier.

While we sell the books individually, we offer a discount if you purchase the Happier Place Notebook Collection, which includes all three books and a rubber band (in the color of your choice) to hold the books together or attach a pen or U.S. National Parks Annual Pass or whatever seems fitting.

Let’s inspire each other!

Which book speaks to you the most – either because of the slogan or the page finish?
Do you use notebooks or sketchbooks? What do you use them for?
Have you ever been to Portland?
Did you know about B-Corporations? Does it make a difference to you if a company makes positive efforts in regard to the environment or society?

Please leave a reply below – inspired by these questions or whatever you’d like to share… 

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All three Happier Place Pocket Notebooks

22 thoughts on “Thoughtful and Ready for More: Happier Place Pocket Notebooks

  1. What a great way to motivate people with those messages.I love the idea.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. We try to motivate and celebrate the positive…

  2. Those are great to carry around. I love jotting things while I am traveling to make notes of places to go or people I meet. These are so perfect!

    1. The notebooks do sound perfect for you and your travels! Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  3. I tried my hand at journaling but I always fall off the wagon. This journal looks perfect for jotting my thoughts though and actually makes me reconsider journaling!

  4. I love the look of these notebooks. Think I will be needing one of these Christmas. They look fab.

  5. I use sketchbook for design

  6. I love these. What a brilliant idea to enjoy a happy place pocket notebook. They will make great gifts this holiday season.

  7. I never really journal. But, a lot of people suggest that I try to help me in my journey.

  8. I love these, I do love notebooks love the quotes on them

  9. Yes that’s true. Im a fan of notes. I love writing down my to do’s and the list of things that I want to buy.

  10. I use sketchbooks daily . I also have some pocket sized ones for quick sketching when I am out. Non of them have slogans in them unfortunately, I really like yours

  11. I love a good notebook, although I have way too many which I just don’t use. The quotes on the front of these are really nice x

  12. I love the messages on these notebooks, they can give a boost of motivation when you feel like slacking!

  13. These are so gorgeous and great for all kinds of journaling. So addictive!

  14. I love these notebooks. I have different ones for different things: grocery lists, ideas book, daily gratitude and more.

    1. That’s great to read! And how inspiring that you use different books for the different tasks. Especially, thank you for suggesting the idea of a “daily gratitude book” – that would be a perfect purpose for the “Stop. Look. Appreciate.” notebook.

  15. Wow! I am so loving these Pocket Notebooks! The fact that they are handy make them more wonderful. I love to have them for myself!

    1. Thank you so much for your great comment, Maggie. You should probably treat yourself to a set of books. You deserve it 🙂

  16. Thanks for the lovely post! So glad we can work with people like you making the world a better place.

    1. So glad to be working with you! You’ve got a very inspiring company. Now we’re looking forward to hearing what I customers say about the books… and then hope to add even more variety later. (Especially if you ever offer a pocket-sized book with a pocket!)
      Thank you all, and especially Zoë, for all your great work!
      xx Luci

  17. These notebooks are such a wonderful idea to express what you’re doing in your “Happier Place”

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