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It’s That Time: 2022 Happier Place Nature Photography Calendar

2022 Happier Place Calendar, Nature Photography Wall Calendar

The 2022 Happier Place Wall Calendar is here! With 13 nature photos, words of inspiration, and highlighted days for joy and celebration, we wish you all a happier, healthier 2022!

2022 Happier Place Calendar Dates

Like every year, the 2022 Happier Place Calendar marks not only the usual US American federal holidays (e.g., 4th of July, Juneteenth) – but also the common holidays (e.g., Easter, Hanukkah), and some popular fun days (e.g., April Fools).

We’ve also included other special days: to open all of our minds to other cultures by honoring more international holidays (e.g., Holi, Eid ul-Fitr, Lunar New Year), to draw attention and inspire action on some UN days (e.g., Peace Day, Earth Day, World Bee Day), and to inspire even more shared fun on classic and newer Fun Days (e.g., Pi Day, May The Fourth, Creativity Day). And of course, you’ll be reminded to celebrate International Day of Happiness on March 20, 2022.

2022 Happier Place Calendar June image: Heart-shaped rock in the Tallulah River, Georgia - photo by Luci Westphal
2022 Happier Place Calendar June image: Heart-shaped rock in the Tallulah River

2022 Happier Place Calendar Images

Every month, the featured photo takes you outdoors – either to a big open space (like that vista from a top an island hill in Brazil with boats and rainforest islands below) or focuses your attention and appreciation to a smaller detail (like the bee with its pollen pants coming in to feed from a passion flower).

All photos were taken by Luci Westphal. The 2022 calendar photos feature Kachemak Bay (Alaska), Canyonlands National Park (Utah), dogwood tree (North Carolina), Land’s End rock formation in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), The Jesteburg Fairytale Trail in the Lüneburger Heide (Germany), Tallulah River (Georgia), bee and passion vine bloom (Florida), Ilha Grande (Brazil), beach morning glories on Honeymoon Island (Florida), Ghost Ranch (New Mexico), sunset over the Rocky Mountains seen from St. Vrain State Park (Colorado), snow covering Horsetooth Reservoir (Colorado), and on the front cover the trail behind Luci’s parents home in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).

2022 Happier Place Nature Photography Wall Calendar overview

Inspiring Words To Make You Happier in 2022

Each calendar page features a slogan to inspire, encourage, and motivate. Never to demand or lecture, by the way. While those words of inspiration should speak for themselves (or are open to your interpretation), for most of them we have related articles with more inform

Click through to read the related article:

Less Inside. More Outside.

Love is Love is Natural

Disconnect from digital for a natural connection.

Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.

Be brave. Be kind. Be happier.

Let’s make the world a happier place.

Do more of what makes you happier.

Yes, let’s!

February 2022 Happier Place Calendar, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, men on cliff pointing

New in 2022: Steep Discounts and an Actual Gift!

To change things up a bit and find another way to make you and us happier, we now include 4 exclusive Happier Place coupon codes at the end of the calendar. Three of them will get you a discount (up to 50%!) when you purchase something from us online.

One of the codes actually gets you a Happier Place product as a free surprise gift. It’ll be a total surprise: maybe “just” one of our new bumper stickers – but maybe we’ll gift you an organic cotton beanie or another high-end product…

New in 2022: Happier Questions and Inspiration for a Happier YOU

A new tradition for this and future Happier Place calendars and this website: year-end and beginning-year questions and prompts to inspire reflection, conversation, happy memories, spark and motivation for a happier coming year. The 2022 Happier Place Calendar features an entire page with questions and prompts as inspiration for yourself, as a conversation starter with friends and family and an invitation to share your answers on our website when the time comes. That page also features a photo of two classic European storks.

Buy The 2022 Calendar

If you’re looking for the 2022 St. PetersBird calendar, please contact Luci directly.

Let’s Inspire Each Other

Do you have a favorite month? How about a favorite day? If you use wall calendars, where do you hang them, what do you write on them? Do you add your own birthday to a calendar? Did you get this calendar already – or one of the previous Happier Place calendars? Did you get it for yourself or as a present for someone else?
Or maybe YOU have a question for us? Ask away!

Please leave an answer or whatever you’d like to add in the comment section below.

2022 Happier Place Calendar, Nature Photography Wall Calendar features beautiful nature photography, words of inspiration and dates to remember and celebrate

8 thoughts on “It’s That Time: 2022 Happier Place Nature Photography Calendar

  1. Ooh I love that each month has a positive and uplifting quote to go alongside the beautiful photography

  2. What a great calendar. I love seeing the naturally beautiful pictures. An easy way to start the day!

  3. This looks like such a lovely calendar to bring in the New Year. I may need to buy this to keep track of dates myself.

  4. Loving the calendar look.The images are so good.It will make a good gift choice.

  5. That is a beautiful calendar! I am going to check if they would deliver worldwide. Nature photos are my favorite!

  6. All right always gift wall calendars to friends and family. I always make sure I have my favorite for me too. Love These nature scenes

  7. These are gorgeous wow…I would love to get one. I don’t use calendars but the scenery is stunning…

  8. I love that the featured images have a pretty picturesque natural image. These are lovely to give as gifts.

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