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Why Sharing Beautiful (And Fun) Nature Photos Matters – Still and More Than Ever

silhouetted woman watching sunrise at tropical marina, st petersburg, florida

Sharing and seeing photos of beauty and fun in nature is much more than just a pleasant distraction. It can help make a real difference.

During dark times, it helps to be reminded of the beauty and permanence of nature. It gives the mind and heart a break – and can connect us in hope. 

We launched #HappierPlace a few years ago to encourage people to take such breaks “in real life”, and to provide photos and videos for quick mental nature breaks. Because it’s not just about being happier, it’s about being healthier and stronger – to fight the good fight. It’s also about  appreciating and protecting nature!

It’s easy to think that nature captures and happiness-talk seem frivolous when one superpower is invading a peaceful country and another superpower is starting to censor its schoolbooks. Not to mention the ongoing pandemic and all the extreme weather events.

But this is the moment, we consciously want to say: we will be sharing more of our own and YOUR PHOTOS to create a stream of happier outdoor images to give us all quick breaks and strength to fight the good fight – and as a protest to war, violence and ignorance that don’t just destroy the lives of humans, but also hurt animals, plants, and our entire natural world. 

This is in no way to take away from the tragedy that is happening. We mourn and are outraged for the innocent lives suffering during war. If anything we hope our stream of nature imagery will help us communicate that peace is important – so we can all enjoy, without fear, the freedom of being in an un-destroyed nature.

Please join us when you share your nature photos by tagging us on Instagram @happier_place and Twitter @HappPlace and using #HappierPlace so we can spread your nature photos and our message of peace, tolerance, nature, and community – further. 

March 2022 Giveaway

As an extra encouragement, we’ll be bringing back the monthly giveaway. For March, the prize will be one of our new t-shirts: the “Less inside. More outside.” T-Shirt. Anyone in the USA who tags us in their own outdoor photos and / or gets their photo featured in our Instagram feed in March is eligible to win a t-shirt. Winner announced April 1st.

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