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More Ways To Make Someone Happier: New Nature Photography Postcards

new outdoor and nature photography postcards by Happier Place and Luci Westphal, featuring images of egret, alligator, flowers, Manhattan Bridge, Prospect Park Bridge, butterfly

Our new nature photography postcards are a delightful way to show someone you care by sending a quick handwritten note.

Make someone feel special with little effort that goes a long way. Instead of just another fleeting text or goofy gif, write your note on a Happier Place nature postcard and send more than just your words. You could mail out happier-making locations, smile-inducing wildlife, and flowers to brighten rooms and moods.

To give you even more choices, we just released a new edition of postcards: all featuring original photography by our very own Luci Westphal. Postcards are made with sustainably-sourced material.

At this point we have over 180 different outdoor photography postcards in our online store. To make choosing and gift-giving easier, we have created curated sets of 5 different postcards each. Postcard sets can make an especially fun gift together with five stamps and a pen. All Happier Place nature photography postcards sets come wrapped in a band with the set’s title, e.g. “That way…”

AND AS OF MARCH 2021: Each postcard set comes in its own eco-friendly, sustainable, plant-based, compostable PLA, clear bag – protected and ready to be presented as a gift. (Same eco-friendly presentation we now use for folded greeting cards and envelopes.)

Each set includes 5 different postcards. Click on a featured image to see all 5 photos for each set.

All nature photography postcards can also be purchased individually. The newest Happier Place postcards can be found in the 4th edition.

And for those occasions when you’d rather send a folded card in an envelope, we’ve also just added new folded greeting card sets.

Each set includes 5 different folded greeting cards and envelopes. Click on a featured image to see all 3 photos for each set.

Limited Supplies

Currently, our greeting cards and postcards are printed in very limited runs. This way, we can offer you more variety. But it means that some images sell out quickly. Unlike any other products, for postcards and greeting cards, we do allow backorders.

Cards listed as “In stock (can be backordered)” ship to you within 24 hours.

Cards that are currently out of stock are listed as “Available on backorder”. You can still order these cards, but it may take 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Make someone happier with the new Happier Place outdoor and nature photography postcards by Luci Westphal. Available as gift sets and individual cards.

Let’s Inspire Each Other

Have you send out any cards over the last few months? How are you showing people you care and are staying connected during this socially-distanced time? Can we inspire you to send someone a handwritten note? Or can you inspire us to do something? Any favorite images – or photos you’d like to see on a card?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

14 thoughts on “More Ways To Make Someone Happier: New Nature Photography Postcards

  1. I love love love the idea! These are gorgeous and they would definitely make my friends happy! I will do it, thank you…

  2. So beautiful! The flowers are especially lovely!

  3. Your images are beautiful. I have a friend who wants to do something similar.

  4. there are some beautiful images here. We don’t send and receive snail mail much any more, so these would be a great idea to send.

  5. Wow, this is such a great idea! I’ve never thought of sending these nature photography postcards Thanks for sharing, hun

    1. Glad to introduce you to something new and happier-making.

  6. All your photographs are awesomely gorgeous but the one that captured my heart most is Bird IV!

    1. Thank you so much, Sonia! The featured image of Birds IV is definitely the most entertaining with a little scene played out among the Laughing Gulls.

  7. Love the photos and also admire the sales strategy.

    1. Thank you, Ron. I am curious what exactly you mean with the “sales strategy”. Would be great to hear more of your thoughts on this.

  8. Great pictures make me happy. I saved the postcards my grandma collected for years and I love to go through them.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment, Rosey. I’m overjoyed at the fact that you saved your grandma’s postcard collection and love looking through them. Your comment made my day!
      xx Luci

  9. Oh some of these are beautiful. It feels like it has been a while since I put a card in the mail. This is a great reminder to grab some and send to a few loved ones I haven’t seen all year.

    1. Thank you, Serena. Happy you like them. Even happier to think you might send some cards to loved ones you haven’t seen all year. It sure will make them happier. 🙂

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