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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: June 2019

Classic German fishing boat in Haseldorf Elbe #HappierPlace June 2019

Summer is here! Time for long-awaited vacations, outdoor adventures, and backyard flowers. Look at the beauty these photographers captured in June – from cities to remote backcountry, from blue skies to moody fog.

Below is just a small selection from all the amazing photos taken by a diverse group of photographers and tagged #HappierPlace on Instagram in June 2019. Make sure you scroll to the bottom so you don’t miss the Happier Place Dog of the month!

In our Happier_Place Instagram gallery you will see a different selection, mixed in with our own photos.

Want to get featured here on our website in the monthly round-up and in our Instagram feed? Just add the hashtag #HappierPlace to your outdoor photos to let us know we have permission to share your photo.

Just FYI: photos featured in our Insta feed, may also appear on the Happier Place Facebook page, Happier Place Twitter account, or Happier Place Pinterest boards. More chances for your photos to make people happier and inspire them to go outdoors!

Of course, we hope you will also follow these photographers…

Your Happier Place Product Photos

Thank you to everyone who shared photos of Happier Place products this month. Here are just the ones that were not in IG stories (we can’t embed those here) and that we hadn’t already shared in our Instagram feed.

#HappierPlace Dog of the Month

Please meet Rawah, who according to Dylan aka @drphotoco (besides coloradoshine) “has conquered some amazing backcountry… lots of energy in that little package.” Happy trails, Rawah!

Add the #HappierPlace hashtag to your dog’s outdoor adventures for a chance to see your dog featured here next month. And yes, we like to see cats, horses, lizards… whatever adventure animal tags along with you…

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Classic German fishing boat representing #HappierPlace Instagram favorites June 2019

The featured photo of the boat was photographed by Luci on the way into the Haseldorfer Harbor off the Elbe River in Germany during “Golden Hour” on June 22nd during her mother’s birthday celebration, which naturally involved time spent in nature.

18 thoughts on “#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: June 2019

  1. Oh wow these pictures are stunning. What a great hashtag – I will have to remember to join in!

    1. Glad you like the photos and the hashtag, Natalie. Hope you will join us!

  2. Thanks for sharing more about these scenic vistas through photos! It will be helpful to many who are searching for inspiration to visit these places.

  3. Those were a really great place to visit. I enjoyed your beautiful photos especially Colorado.

  4. Such a beautiful collection of pictures. My favorite is the rain forest in Portugal.

  5. What beautiful photos!! I really love the one of Barcelona and the last of the beautiful dog. You’ve given me some serious photo envy here!

  6. These photographs are breathtaking and it inspires me to travel and explore more, getting lost and finding your way back. And I agree, we should just STOP, LOOK, and APPRECIATE everything that’s around us. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post. This really makes me happy. <3

  7. I am an avid photographer and totally enjoyed looking at these selection of photos, I will be checking out the #HappierPlace tag more often on insta now

  8. Sharing life through photos has always been so much fun. All of these are so good!

  9. All of these pictures turned out so great. Instagram is definitely one of my favorite platforms to share on!

  10. Lots of beautiful images and inspiration here! Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are really nice photos. They are very inspiring. I am definitely following the hashtags now.

  12. Great photos taken and these pictures made me wanted to explore more to this world. Truly beautiful shots.

    1. Love reading that these photos make you want to explore more of this world! Hope you get to do some exploring soon!

  13. Some truly impressive shots taken in June, I need to add some of mine to the hashtag

    1. Thank you for comment, Miranda. Would love to see some of your photos! If you use #HappierPlace, we’ll be sure to see them. Feel free to add them to older photos as a comment.

  14. These shots are purely beautiful. I love the sweeping vistas the most. Just breathtaking.

    1. So glad you enjoy the photos. Yes, one can really get lost in those sweeping vistas.

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