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Taryn Eyton: Adventure Travel Writer and Wilderness Ethics Educator (Vancouver, Canada)

HappiestOutdoors Taryn Eyton snow mountain hike

Taryn Eyton goes beyond just inspiring people to get happier outside. Her outdoor and adventure travel writing actually tells you where to go, what to expect, and how to make your outdoor experience even better – for you and for the environment.

Taryn is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She’s lived in the Vancouver area for most of her life – except for three years when she lived on the other side of Canada: in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She recently returned from a longer stint in Australia.

On her website, Taryn publishes comprehensive guides to the incredible locations she has explored. Her articles are complimented by breathtaking photos that will inspire you to plan your own outdoor adventure.

Taryn Eaton of Happiest Outdoors in Iceland ice cave
Taryn exploring an ice cave in Iceland. Find out more in her article The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Ice Caves in Iceland.

But that’s not all. Taryn also shares her vast outdoor experience in a variety of how-to articles about backpacking, camping, cycling, snowshoeing,… and about hiking solo, with dogs, without hurting the environment… and so much more.

Taryn also works as a freelance writer. And she is a certified Leave No Trace Master Educator! She volunteers to teach workshops about how to minimize our impact on nature when we hike, camp, kayak, climb, etc. How cool is that?

Naturally, we felt drawn to a person whose online identity is HappiestOutdoors. It’s so exciting to meet other people who share the idea of being happier when out in nature. So we’re especially excited to now present this interview with Taryn Eyton who is happiest outdoors.

woman sitting by waterfall - Mystery Falls near Vancouver
Taryn gazing up at Mystery Falls near Vancouver.

Taryn Eyton – what do you do?

While I was growing up, my dad enjoyed spending time outdoors, so I went hiking a few times a year. It wasn’t until university that I really got into hiking and camping. I discovered that spending time in nature was a great stress reliever, a way to unplug.

Over the next decade I went on more and more outdoor adventures. I progressed from shorter hikes to longer ones and from day hiking to multi-day backcountry trips. And of course I learned A LOT along the way.

I learned how to navigate with a map and compass. I got waaay too interested in outdoor gear. I took a wilderness first aid course. And I got certified as a Leave No Trace Trainer to teach others how to minimize their impact on nature.

Five years ago, I started my website, It took me awhile to come up with the name. I wasn’t sure if I should pick something with “hiking” in the name or something that sounded cute. In the end it was obvious. I am happiest outdoors, even if it’s raining, I’m cold and there’s no view. So it was!

A few months ago, I quit my day job to write for my website and my freelance clients full time. It also give me lots more time to spend outdoors!

HappiestOutdoors Taryn Eaton hike above Russet Lake Vancouver
Taryn Eaton (HappiestOutdoors) on a hike above Russet Lake near Vancouver, Canada.

Why do you do what you do?

I love the outdoors and want to make sure everyone gets to experience what I experience. There are a lot of barriers to getting into the outdoors. Getting the right information is just one of those barriers. With my website, I try to provide the info people need to get outside, and to hav a great time doing it.

I also volunteer to teach Leave No Trace since I want to ensure that if more people are getting outside in nature, we are all minimizing our impact. Nature is a fragile place and we need to learn how to protect it.

General Happier Place category?

My happy place is definitely the mountains, specifically anywhere up above the treeline. Alpine meadows full of wildflowers and marmots are my heaven.

Specific Happier Place locations?

As Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home”. I’ve hiked and camped in mountains all over the world. But my favorite mountains are still the Coast Range near my home in Vancouver.

What do you always bring out into nature with you?

I always bring my camera since I love taking photos… and a rain jacket. I come from a wet climate so I’m always prepared for rain, even if it’s not in the forecast.

Big tree in Avatar Grove Vancouver Island
After visiting Avatar Grove on Vancouver Island, Taryn published a comprehensive guide about the ancient forest.

Happier Place tips or hacks?

My first tip would be, no matter where you are in nature, slow down. Stop and listen to the soun of the wind or bees buzzing. See if you can smell which plants are around you. Crouch down and study the insects walking along. Lay down and look up at the birds overhead. You see so much more if you slow down.

My second tip is to do some research before you go. The last thing any of us wants to do is hurt nature, the place we love. But if you don’t know the best ways to treat nature, you may end up trampling plants, disturbing wildlife or poisoning a stream with your human waste. Gross! Before you next hike, read more about how to Leave No Trace and why it’s so important.

A dream destination?

I love to spot wildlife, so my dream destination would be a wildlife safari in Africa!

Words of inspiration?

My personal tagline is…

My home is in Vancouver, but my heart is in the mountains.

Taryn Eaton – Happiest Outdoors

I think it summarizes me well 🙂

Find Taryn Eyton and her outdoor adventures online:

Instagram: happiestoutdoors
Facebook: happiestoutdoors
Twitter: happiestoutdoor

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HappiestOutdoors adventure travel writer Taryn Eyton at Mystery Falls near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

All photos courtesy of Taryn Eyton.

16 thoughts on “Taryn Eyton: Adventure Travel Writer and Wilderness Ethics Educator (Vancouver, Canada)

  1. Wow! Doing a great and awesome job and your photos are amazing… We do have a lot in common. My happy place is also the mountains and the water side as well.

  2. Looks and sounds like you are living the life! I strongly enjoy the outdoors as well and these pictures are amazing. You’re lucky to do what you do!

  3. wow! everything looks interesting so beautiful! I would love to experience it for myself and may be with a company too.

    1. I hope you get to check out Canada one day, Lyosha!

  4. Wow!! Amazing photos – I would say a well versed traveler, very inspiring and challenging. How I wish to visit this country too!

    1. So great to read you find Taryn’s photos and adventures inspiring. Hope you get to visit Canada one day!

  5. Interesting interview here. I have never been out hiking. Need to try that. Being on a mountain would be amazing.

    1. Oh, how I hope you WILL go hiking one day and that you’ll share your experience with us. Would be amazing to think we have played a part in inspiring your first hike!

  6. I love this interview, and it honestly confronts a lot of what I’m trying to get my head around. For one, how can I be kinder to the earth, and bind my profession to my passion.

  7. Omg I’ve just came back from Toronto and Niagara Falls, and Vancouver is my nest must visit in Canada. Such a grear post to inspire more people!

  8. Love being outdoors and have to find a way to spend more time hiking and swimming!

  9. I love hiking and being in nature.Being around the nature is indeed a stress reliever. Taryn seems to be a happy soul. I would enjoy reading her posts.

  10. She is living a dream! I wish I could have been like her when I was younger. I love the mountains too, and the beach is my second favorite. I am going to check out her blog!

  11. Taryn sounds like a well-traveled person. Her photos are all amazing! Great interview.

  12. Nice interview. I almost thought the picture with her in the icecave was a painting. That looks very very beautiful knowing that it’s real. I like that she says her happy place is the mountain. I believe her. The view is always beautiful.

  13. Great interview with Taryn! I like that she is a Leave No Trace trainer. I also love being outdoors and have to find a way to spend more time hiking and swimming!

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