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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: May 2019

Limpkin Crying Bird Paynes Prairie Florida HappierPlace

Instagram has been full of wonderful nature photos during May. Here are a few favorite photos tagged #HappierPlace by photographers from around the world.

For our monthly round-up, we choose just a few of the photos marked with the hashtag #HappierPlace on Instagram.

You can see a different selection in our Happier_Place Instagram gallery (mixed in with our own photos).

To get your own photos featured here in the monthly round-up or in our Instagram feed, just add the hashtag #HappierPlace to your nature photos. And yes, we also like seeing animals, food, drinks, people – and anything else that inspires to: Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.

By the way, if your photo is featured in the IG feed, it might also make people happier on the Happier Place Facebook page and Happier Place Twitter account or Happier Place Pinterest boards.

To see even more photos, we highly encourage you to follow these photographers.

Your Happier Place Product Photos

An extra special thank you to those who showed off our products on social media! There were quite a few in Instagram Stories in May. That’s super cool and makes us happier. Unfortunately, here we can only embed photos from your Instagram feed, not from stories.

So for May, we can only share two photos. One of Jessica relaxing with a tall skinny drink (in one of our slim can koozies) in front of a tall skinny rock (you be the judge of your own imaginative association). And one from painter (and Happier Ambassador) Lisa Goldfarb, who took her Happier Place cuffed beanie on a hike in California.

Looking great, Jessica and Lisa!

#HappierPlace Dog Horse of the Month

Honestly, we were a bit shocked to not see a single dog photo tagged #HappierPlace in May. Did all your dogs have to stay indoors while you went frolicking outdoors. Not even the cat got to go outside? Fortunately, there were at least a few horses having fun – or at least get some photographic attention, like this beauty in Portugal.

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Limpkin in his #HappierPlace Instagram Favorites May 2019

The bird in our main photos is a limpkin (aka crying bird) photographed by Luci in Paynes Prairie, Florida, this May.

9 thoughts on “#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: May 2019

  1. Some of the photos are incredibly magnificent. I think I already follow Silvia and wander. I will follow more photographers from this list now.

  2. What an amazing celection of photots which reminds how beautiful out planet is! Each time such photos make me want to travel more and more and to discover all those stunning locations by myself ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Such beautiful photos! This is completely and utterly spectacular!
    I would love to travel here so much. Thanks for sharing

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! It feels like I am reading a nature magazine,such a lovely collection!

  5. What beautiful photography, I do love looking at wildlife photography x

  6. I like the photo of kev_moriarty the most. There is so much emotion in that photo. It made me think of my days as a young girl with my dad. Thanks for sharing these photos. I will search my feed for other photos with that hashtag #happierplace.

  7. What gorgeous photos of nature! I think nature really is the best place for photographers, beautiful images!

  8. Such a lovely collection of photos! My most favorite is the photo of Seiser Alm, it looked surreal! This is indeed a #HappierPlace!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Dea. Yeah, that Seiser Alm is something else – like out of a picture book. And to think that to people who live in that part of Europe, it’s probably quite common.

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