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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: April 2019

Almond tree pink spring blossom #happierplace hashtag April

Isn’t April the most thrilling month? Warm, sunny days are filled with outdoor fun, spring blossoms and animals at their most active. Then a sudden snow storm covers all in brisk white again. And in New Zealand it’s autumn!

Here is just a small selection of a few of our favorite photos that were tagged #HappierPlace on Instagram in April. By the way, we really try to pick only about a dozen photos for these blog posts. We also try to show a variety of locations and situations and angles. So even though in April we naturally had to show quite a few spring blooms, we picked photos that offered a variety of perspectives.

Hopefully, these different photos will inspire you to look for something fresh outside – be it in an old European city, American mountains or from the perspective of your dog. Whatever it is, if you capture it, please share it with the hashtag #HappierPlace so we can see it, too. And maybe one of your photos will get featured in the Happier_Place Instagram gallery, on the Happier Place Facebook page and Happier Place Twitter account and/or the next month’s round-up

Your Happier Place Product Photos

As always an extra special thank you to those who showed off our products on social media! Make sure you tag us when you do – so we can feature your photo in our monthly round-up right here.

Lisa rode another epic distance with her Happier Bandana! Check out her interview and paintings: Lisa Goldfarb (Fine Art Painter in Los Angeles, California)

Happier Heads and a Happier Place burlap trucker hat!
Also a heads-up: We will publish an interview with Jake later this week…
Update [5/14/19] – By now we have published the profile… Jake Gray: Outdoor Photographer and Hiking Guide in Texas

#HappierPlace Dog of the Month

Just last month, we introduced the idea of featuring a #HappierPlace dog as part of the round-up. And it’s already taking off! You made us happier with all the extra dog photos we got to see this month. Thank you. Of course, it made it harder to choose just one April Dog of the Month. And the winner is: unnamed dog on Greek island photographed by a German travel team. Vielen Dank.

The photo at the top of this post shows the pink buds and blossoms of an almond tree in Germany – photographed by Luci.

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April round-up of our favorite #HappierPlace photos on #Instagram!  Represented here by pink spring buds of an almond tree in Germany.

6 thoughts on “#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: April 2019

  1. Nature I always say is indeed blissful and beautiful, I really love the pictures they are indeed happy places to be.

  2. We have many cherry blossoms here in Germany. When the weather is nice it is also warm outside and thus the perfect time for us to take picture.

  3. What lovely photos I can see why they are tagged happier place x

  4. I love your choices! Flowers definitely are a symbol for spring and there were some lovely shots!

  5. How breathtaking! Portugal is so beautiful…I love the pool view and the lake too. The mountains in spring also have such a scenic view. Nature does have a way of catching anyone’s eye.

  6. Enjoyed seeing different Spring photos from different parts of the world!!

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