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Girls, Meet Your Favorite New T-Shirt: The First Happier Shirt!

First Happier Shirt on Sand Key Island, Florida - Happier Place

Sure, tastes vary. But when it comes to the perfect T-shirt for your outdoor fun, we’ve got you covered with our first Happier Shirt: a soft, loose, casually form-fitting T-shirt that will make you look great and feel happier.

We’ve been wanting to offer T-shirts for a while. We even figured out pretty quickly that we wanted the first girls’ shirt to spread the message “Do more of what makes you happier.” But we knew it had to be just the right kind of shirt – so it would actually make you happier. And if you’re happier, everyone around you is happier, too, right? So the pressure was on!

Finally, we found exactly the shirt we were looking for: not too long, not too short, not too wide, not too tight, not too clingy, not too stiff, not too thick, and not made of polyester or sewn together in a sweatshop. And then we got our local Ft. Collins screen-printing shop Wounded Heart Press to print every single shirt by hand! Thanks, Chip!

The “Do More Of What Makes You Happier” Girls T-Shirt is something to feel good about… and good in!

Margo and her SUP visiting the new Happier Place headquarters in Florida.
Margo feeling and looking good during her visit to the new Happier Place headquarters in Florida.

Awesomeness-List for the first Happier Shirt

Since we originally published this article, we have sold out of the original shirt and have designed a worthy updated version…

To you collectors and craft shoppers out there, you might also appreciate that this is a super limited edition – as in less than 40 shirts! What? That’s right! There may be another similar shirt in the future, but our very first shirt will not exist like this again. So grab one quickly!

We do have a guys’ shirt in the works as well. It’ll come with a different slogan and obviously a different cut… Stay tuned, guys.

8/13/18: The “Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.” Guys T-Shirt is available now!

Luci and Margo doing what makes them happier: being together in nature.
Luci and Margo doing what makes them happier: being together in nature.

Where would you wear your Happier Shirt?

The first Happier Shirt is ideal for a hike, a bike ride, the beach, the lake, a picnic, at brunch or while lounging at home – really anywhere that you consider a Happier Place. Above, you see Luci walking on the beach at sunset (and no, having her picture taken doesn’t make her happier), Margo after a fun-filled afternoon of swimming, paddle boarding and doing a headstand on her SUP, and Luci and Margo just spending time together in nature.

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Do more of what makes you happier T-Shirt on the beach in Florida at sunset.

Let’s keep inspiring each other!

What do you do that makes you happier? Where is your Happier Place?

Please leave a reply below – inspired by these questions or whatever you’d like to share…L

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