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Giving Back to Nature – for a Happier Earth

Giving Back To Nature - Happier Place - Happier Earth

Happier Place is all about having fun in nature and living on a Happier Earth. So we are giving back to nature by donating part of every sale to protect the environment.

UPDATE 6/30/20: After 2 1/2 years of donating 5% of our sales to the EDF, we are going to suspend our donation policy for the time being due to our changed situation during the Covid-19 pandemic. While we we believe protecting and defending our environment is just as important now as it has ever been, we need to allocate our resources and reassess our strategy if/when the situation normalizes.

As of November 2017, we are donating 5% of sales to the Environmental Defense Fund. 

It seems unnecessary to write a long post about why it’s important to donate money to environmental protection organizations. Even if the environment wasn’t at risk right now, it would still be sensible to invest in protecting it. We all need it, and we all should cherish it.

But we would like to share a few points about this donation itself:

  • As of the writing of this post, Happier Place is still brand new. So whatever we’ve decided at the time of writing this regarding how much and to whom we donate on behalf of our customers may change. But it will always be up-to-date in this post and on our website.
  • We want you to know exactly how much of the money you spend on this website goes to charity. That’s why we’re listing the exact percentage above. And that’s also why we’re donating a part of sales – not of proceeds or profit. A lot of companies say that they’re donating “part of proceeds” or “part of profits”. So you don’t know how much they’re donating of the money you are giving them. Actually you don’t even know if they’re donating any money at all. “Proceeds” could mean the sum of money left after all the expenses are paid… What if there’s no money left to donate from? A lot of small companies don’t actually make any actual profit for a long time…
  • We don’t want this “giving back to nature” to just be a gimmick that drives up sales. We truly believe in protecting the environment. That’s why we are donating a bit more than is average and why we strive to make environmentally-friendly choices about our products and to educate our audience about how to enjoy nature responsibly.

We chose the Environmental Defense Fund because it does the kind of work we want to support, has a good reputation and is active both in the USA as well as globally. We also like that the Fund has direct connections to New York City and Colorado (our former and current homes) and a specific focus on the Rocky Mountains, our backyard.

Environmental Defense Fund

Of course, if you think that 5% of whatever you purchase on our website isn’t enough of a donation, you can donate to the Environmental Defense Fund directly.

Please share your thoughts about this with us. Do you support our choice of nonprofit? Would you rather we were donating to a different organization or cause? Do you have any questions about this? Do you have any ideas about environmental protection you’d like to share with us? Do you have other ideas of how in particular we could be giving back to nature? 

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