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Cozy up with the “I’m in my happier place.” Enamel Mug

I'm in my Happier Place Enamel Mug, wool blanket, outdoor fireplace

Just in time for the cooler days and nights, here comes the “I’m in my happier place.” Enamel Mug to warm you up on your outdoor adventures or your indoor nostalgia.

The Happier Place Enamel Mug is the charming drinking item of the season. While in the summer you can get away with drinking cold water from our insulated stainless steel bottle, during the cooler months, you’ll want to sip a warm beverage from a mug.

As the steam rises from your beverage across your view of the Great Outdoors and your hands slowly warm on the smooth enamel, you glance down and are reminded: I’m in my happier place. Ahhh. Now sip. Mmmm.

What makes the Happier Place Enamel Mug so awesome and essential?

The Happier Place Enamel Metal Mug holds 16 oz. (2 cups, 470 ml). An ideal medium size for hot cocoa, coffee, tea, Glühwein – or a nice hot soup. Of course, you can also sip whiskey or rum from it – but maybe don’t fill it up to the rim right away. Large hands may make the mug appear smaller than it is.

It’s made from light-weight, yet sturdy, single-wall stainless steel. So it doesn’t add much weight to your bag, and it won’t break even if you have it dangling off a carabiner.

The enamel coating, a baked-on glaze, protects the metal from corrosion and gives it shine, color, and a smooth finish.

The “I’m in my happier place.” Enamel Metal Mug features the slogan that encourages you to declare your happier place, seek it out and savor it. Find out how this makes people happier: The Importance of Having a Happier Place of Your Own. On the flip side the mug shows our compass star logo and our new text logo with the dot, no smile. That’s how the person across from you knows where you are, too: in your happier place.

As you might be aware from seeing our other products, we embrace the minimalism of the plain text without curlicues or cutesy font arrangements. We don’t want to distract from the three main things: the actual product, the amazing place you’re in, and the message we hope will help make you and the world happier.

Our first camping mug comes in black with white speckles that remind of the starry skies above. And because the speckles on the mugs are totally random in size and location, every single happier place enamel mug is unique.

Black speckled "I'm in my happier place." enamel camping mug, front and back

The vintage look of the classic speckled enamel camping mug evokes the sweet memories of fun outdoor times. It triggers the kind of reminiscing that makes you want to head outdoors and have a new adventure. Or you can just travel to those sweet happier places of olden times while keeping your feet up and warmed by a fire or blanket or radiator.

Hey, nobody said your happier place has to be outside – or that you can only use the Happier Place Enamel Mug outdoors. Remember: do more of what makes YOU happier (while not hurting others, of course).

Those of you who receive our newsletter received a $5 off coupon code back in the July newsletter. By the way, that code is only valid until 10/20/19. So use it quick. So yes, it took us that long to find the best production partner – after several trials and errors. This mug now is of the shape, size, quality, weight, and surface that we are proud to put our name on.

How single-wall enamel mugs are better than insulated mugs…

A good insulated mug will keep your drinks tongue-burning hot longer – but without letting any of the warmth spread to the hands holding the mug. However, if you fill this enamel steel mug with a hot beverage, it’ll also warm your hands.

If on your next outdoor venture you want piping-hot drinks that will warm you up inside and out, then bring the hot beverage in the Happier Place Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle – and later pour it into the mug for drinking. Maybe bring a second mug for sharing?

How enamel metal mugs are better than ceramic mugs…

Please don’t mix up this kind of real enamel metal mug with those pretender ceramic mugs with the speckled paint job. Those ceramic mugs are just a tease. They want to remind you of your childhood memories of sitting around a campfire, but you’d never actually want to take one of these mugs on a hike, backpacking trip or beach picnic. Not only do they break too easily(which could leave shards in nature), but they’re also too heavy to add to your go-bag.

Delicious, warming drinks to savor from your new mug!

Looking for a delicious warming and slightly boozy drinks to fill your cup? Look no further than our very own recipes: Perfect in Fall and Winter: The Happier Holidays Cocktail and the The Classic Winter Drink: Glühwein (German Mulled Wine). Yum! FYI, we will soon publish a recipe for a vegan mocha. Mmmm.

Sidenote 1: The mug is totally #CozyGoth. After all, it’s black and your personal Happier Place can be as goth as you… and co-designer Luci was a regular at Kir Hamburg when it was still in its original location, which makes her rather old, and old age is the original Grufti thing, no?

Sidenote 2: The wool blanket in the photo was brought to us all the way from Spain by our friends Brent and Teresa over a decade ago. We’ve moved it across the country a few times. It reminds us how special items can be and how we can savor them for decades! (We’ve also moved that fireplace from state to state.)

Happier Place Enamel Mug, wool blanket, outdoor fireplace

Let’s inspire each other!

Do you have a happier place – or many? Where are they?
What would you drink from your Happier Place mug?

Please leave a comment below – inspired by these questions or whatever you’d like to share or ask…

10 thoughts on “Cozy up with the “I’m in my happier place.” Enamel Mug

  1. Aww what a cute mug. It is totally underrated just how much better starting your day off with a warm cup of coffee in a cute mug can be!

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you like the mug! And yes, I also believe it’s not just about what’s inside your morning mug but also what’s on the outside. It can set the mood of the day.

  2. This is perfect for camping! It’s the right size and can withstand high temperatures.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth! Makes us happier to know the mug is this well received!

  3. the mug is super cute! i would definitely like using this mug on daily basis!

    1. Glad you like it, Lyosha!

  4. Love this! You’re so right about the fakes out there. I’m always on the lookout for mugs for camping and backpacking, and when I find one I like, it’s always the ceramic ones! Love the metal and the design.

    1. Thank you for your great comment, Emmy! Couldn’t believe it the first time I saw one of those ceramic look-a-likes, which happened to be in a Denver hotel. They should know better 😀 Now that we’ve done all our research and have gone into production on our own mugs, we realize the ceramic ones are so much cheaper to make – but they’re pointless for any kind of active outdoor use.
      xx Luci

  5. The ‘happier place’ mug is something everyone should get for sure. I think with their cup of coffee they will be in a better mood as the day goes on.

    1. Thank you so much, Nate. We think so, too! Cheers.

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