Happier Carabiner With Strap


Black carabiner with strap and keyring is a must-have accessory.

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The Happier Carabiner with strap is the important accessory that should be in every always-ready bag. Actually, we now include it with any new purchase of one of our small bags. You can even use it as a handle for the bag.

Carabiners come in handy more often than you think… until you have one and start using it all the time. Here’s a great example: use it connect your dog’s leash to a belt loop on your pants and now you can walk your well-behaved dog hands-free! More obvious uses: key chain or hanging your Happier Place stainless steel bottle from your backpack etc.

The Happier Carabiner itself is made from 8mm aluminum.

The whole carabiner with strap and keyring is 6 inches long.

The carabiner is not intended for climbing.


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