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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: July 2019

Rock formations, sandy beach, clear water on Divorce Beach, Los Cabos, Mexico, #HappierPlace

Look at all those beautiful summer scenes and awesome activities captured around the world in our monthly round-up of #HappierPlace-tagged photos on Instagram!

It’s the height of outdoor fun season. And you guys and gals seem to be having a blast in whatever you consider your personal Happier Place. This month we saw you soaking in the sun at the sea, photographing warm summer evenings at the lake, hiking above stunning valleys, biking through forests, stopping to smell the wildflowers or watch wildlife, visiting old European villages, sleeping under the stars and even climbing up snow-covered mountains. Some of you even brought your dogs along! You’re all our kind of people!

Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the new Happier Place Dog of the month!

Thanks to all who have shared their summer outings on Instagram and tagging them #HappierPlace. Below are a few of our favorites, but by far not all of them. Check out the hashtag #HappierPlace on Instagram to see them all.

Or head over to our Happier_Place Instagram gallery to see a different selection of our own and other photographers’ outdoor adventures.

For a chance see your photo featured in the monthly round-up or our Instagram feed: add the hashtag #HappierPlace to your photos to let us know we can pick your work to be featured.

Also, images featured in our IG feed, may also appear on the Happier Place Facebook page, Happier Place Twitter account, or Happier Place Pinterest boards. This way even more people can discover your work and get inspired to head outside, too!

Your Happier Place Product Photos

A special thanks as always to those of you who showed off your Happier Place products on social media. Here are a few products seen on Instagram this month.

Jake Gray wearing the Classic Cuffed Beanie on Mt. Rainier. We know you can’t really see the beanie hiding under the helmet. But it’s our beanie on the top of Mt. Rainier!!!

Lisa Goldfarb, her bike, and a Happier Bandana after cycling to the Villa Aurora in LA. Imagine hanging there with Thomas Mann and Bert Brecht back in the day – or being an artist-in-residence there today.

Katherine Guttman wearing a Limited Edition Happier Place Camper Hat while exploring the Desert of Maine (!) with her sidekick O.

Oh, look, here’s one of our own: Scott smiling under his Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat as if it had been effortless to get to the top of Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (We did drive most of the way.)

#HappierPlace Dog of the Month

To the dog in this photo: We don’t know you, but we love you.

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Monthly round-up of photos tagged #HappierPlace by photographers from around the world.

The featured photo for this post shows Divorce Beach, the opposite side from Lovers Beach on Lands End in Los Cabos, Mexico – photographed by Luci.

18 thoughts on “#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites: July 2019

  1. Oh damn, I especially love that photo of the night sky. What camera did you capture that on?

  2. Your post just made me miss the beach. It’s rainy/ typhoon season now in my country and it’s not really advisable to go out to the sea.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your instagram favorite. The Mirror Lake photo is very beautiful as well as the one from @mothernaturechaser

  3. These are also amazingly beautiful! You see so many negative uses of Instagram, but these are really proving why it’s an important platform.

  4. Wow I love all of these pictures. so many super beautiful places in the world for sure – just amazing xx

  5. what a wonderful photos, wish I could capture those kinds of photos too

  6. This is so lovely. Everyone has their “happier place” and it’s so evident. For me it’s the mountain top, a beach, underneath the moon, a quiet place and the best of all, my bed. 😀

  7. Such amazing pictures and even more breathtaking beautiful places. Wish I could have time and the finance to travel everywhere !

  8. Wow, what a great photos. I just love them all. I wish I could visit all of these beautiful places one day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and all those places could be my happy place. The sand and the sea are calling my name.

    1. Follow their call… Well, at least, I hope you can plan for a little time away at the beach!

  10. These are absolutely stunning natural pics. Enter some in a Nat Geo wildlife or nature contest. Seriously. The Siricusa and Colorado purple flowers are my faves.

    1. Thank you for your comment. But these aren’t actually our photos. They’re a selection of favorite photos taken by other people and published with our hashtag #HappierPlace on Instagram. 🙂

  11. oh man. those are some breathtaking photos! Love the one of Washington with the flowers and the beautiful lakes in the later photos. so inviting and beautiful. makes me want a holiday BAD.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    1. Thank you for your comment. Wish I could go on a holiday as well! But at least we can step outdoors after work or on the weekends, right?

  12. Love the pics… some great photography. So many places to add to my bucket list.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Every month, when I put together the round-up of other people’s photos, I seem to add more to my bucket list, too.

  13. Wow there are some beautiful pictures and scenery the first one with wild flowers just took me straight back to my childhood and time with my grandparents x

    1. Wonderful that those photos evoked such special memories for you!

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