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Capt. Frank Praznik: Fly Fishing Guide (Florida Everglades + Louisiana Marsh)

Captain Frank Praznik holds snook fish, fly fishing guide

Captain Frank Praznik spends his days on a boat guiding people to their Happier Place: catching big fish (like red fish, tarpon, snook) while fly fishing the scenic Everglades and Louisiana Marsh.

Totally committed to his work as a full-time fishing guide, Captain Frank Praznik of Coastal Fly Fishing Adventures lives in Louisiana from August to February and then in Everglades City from March to June. You guessed it: he changes his home base according to the seasonal movement of the big fish along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

While growing up in Pennsylvania, Frank got to spend part of most summers in Florida by the seaside. After high school, he moved to Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado with an Environmental Conservation Degree.

After college, Frank Praznik opened up St. Pete’s Fly Shop – a fly fishing supply store in Ft. Collins, Colorado (home of our original Happier Place: Horsetooth Reservoir). At some point, running a store and spending so much time indoors (only getting to spend time in nature and fishing during off-hours) must have not been enough… because Frank ended up selling the store and becoming a full-time fly fishing guide. Of course, another reason might have been that managing a store would simply be a waste of the incredible gift Frank has: putting people on big fish! We can both personally attest to this.

Big Red Fish, Captain Frank Praznik, skinny water fly fishing guide
Catching a big Red Fish on the fly deserves a big grin during the photo op between catch and release.

We don’t want to get into a big discussion about spin fishing vs. fly fishing or about live bait fishing vs. fly fishing. But let’s just say that salt water fly fishing requires the angler to create just the right momentum and angle to put the fly and hook right in front of a moving fish. So yeah, not so easy. (Note to self: write a “What’s so great about fly fishing anyway?” post soon!)

The fact that Frank Praznik doesn’t just know where the fish are and can take you there on his skiff, but that he’s been known to help people improve their fly fishing skills and get something on the hook, adds to his popularity as a salt water fly fishing guide. It shows that Frank has been in the fly fishing industry his entire work life! 

fly fishing, skinny water, long cast, drone shot
A drone shot gives great perspective of the clear “skinny water” (shallow water) and fly fishing guide Frank Praznik’s very long cast as he is sight fishing along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Frank also happens to be a fun and charismatic person to spend time with. His knowledge about nature and wildlife goes far beyond just fishing – adding great insights and conversation during a break from fishing. Lastly, he also appears to have perfected the gator call – because we’ve seen him get an alligator to swim across a lake to him like a dog called by its master. We were all safely standing on a wall above the water.

Obviously, we highly recommend Captain Frank Praznik as a fly fishing guide. So if you’re interested in catching some red fish or tarpon on the fly this year, you might want to reach out to him right away, since his time gets booked up fast.

man holding tarpon, skinny water, fly fishing
Guiding his clients to tarpon along their migration route in the Gulf of Mexico is one of Frank’s specialties.

Now, let’s finally hear from Frank in his own words:

Capt. Frank Praznik – what do you do?

As a full time saltwater fly fishing guide I try to help anglers have the best possible fly fishing experience in the wildest most remote coastal areas! 

Why do you do what you do?

The excitement I feel everyday searching for fish in wild places is indescribable! I’m very lucky and consider it a privilege to help people have an experience in nature that will last a lifetime! 

General Happier Place category?

Being on the water at sunrise watching fish swim! Sight fishing for Tarpon and world class redfish really gets me excited! Sharing this experience with my clients is absolute magic! 

Specific Happier Place locations?

Unfortunately, I can’t give specific locations! I’m very guarded and only share these areas with my clients! 

Fly fishing guide Capt. Frank Praznik's work place: standing on the platform in the back of his skiff from where he can see the fish in the clear water and pull the boat into the ideal position for his clients to catch the big one"
Fly fishing guide Capt. Frank Praznik’s work place: standing on the platform in the back of his skiff from where he can see the fish in the clear water and pull the boat into the ideal position for his clients to catch “the big one”!

What do you always bring out into nature with you?

I always try to keep my mind open and vigilant to observe a new experience through nature! It’s not only the fish but the entire ecosystem that never fails to amaze one’s soul! Traveling by skiff through the Florida Everglades or floating through a massive school of redfish in Louisiana is amazing and leaves a mark on one’s psyche; it’s like you’re going back in time!

Happier Place tips or hacks?

Always bring an open mind and a willingness to see things from a different perspective! Fish inspire that in you because they live in such beautiful areas! 

A dream destination?

New undiscovered areas in the Everglades.

Words of inspiration?

If people don’t occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you’re doing something wrong.

John Gierach

Find Capt. Frank Praznik and some very big fish online:

Instagram: frankpraznik
Facebook: captfrankpraznik

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Captain Frank Praznik, Fly Fishing Guide, Louisiana Marsh, Florida Everglades, guiding platform, catching tarpon
Captain Frank Praznik, Fly Fishing Guide in Louisiana Marsh and Florida Everglades. Seen here with a Red Fish.

All photos courtesy of Frank Praznik.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely share of Capt. Frank Praznik and his Fly Shop. It was inspiring to read about him and see the stunning photos which you have shared

    1. Thank you for your comment. Glad to know you appreciate it. The photos are stunning, aren’t they? So great to call such beauty your work place.

  2. Wow that is some catch!! I’ve never been fly fishing but I do love to fish. Looks like so much fun!

  3. Such an awesome experience. Looks really fun and I would love to try this soon with my husband.

  4. Frank, it certainly sounds & looks like you have definitely found your Happy Place. Just keep on keeping on!!

  5. This is so cool! Honestly, I’m not into fishing myself, but would love to experience something like this, and with a great guide like Frank one day. Those fishes are huge!!!

  6. How cool is this. I would love to do fly fishing one day. To be honest, I’ve never been fishing in my life.

  7. It sounds like you really love what you do! I haven’t been fishing since I was a kid, but it always takes me back to the bonding days with my Uncle and Grandpa.

  8. wow! this is just simply amazing! I have heard so many awesome things about fishing in the everglades. I will have to check it out!

  9. My brother love fishing and he went fishing almost every weekends with his friends in Sydney. Sometimes he caught very huge fishes back for my mom to cook. Fishes that are small usually he will just put them back to the sea.

  10. OMG! Flat water Florida is on my bucket List. Just got back from Fly fishing for trout on the Madison River. I’ve never hooked a tarpon and would love to.

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