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Finally Here: Happier Hats for Happier Heads

Happier Hats - Happier Place

The wait is over! We’re finally offering Happier Hats: a burlap trucker hat and a grey twill camper hat. If you place your order soon, one of them even comes with a fly-fishing lure!

Everybody needs a good hat (or cap, if you will). It keeps the sun out of your eyes, your hair from blowing in the wind and your head from getting too cold or too hot. Hats also draw more attention to your face. Lots of people like to feel seen. And if you don’t like that, just pull the brim down so they can’t see your face. See, hats are a necessary tool for extroverts and introverts. Last but not least, hats are a great canvas to show off your appreciation for a band, brand or movement…

If you’re like Scott, you prefer the trucker style with the mesh back to keep your head cool. But if you’re like Luci, you want the full coverage and style of a cotton twill cap and completely flexible size adjustment (because she has a tiny head).

That’s why we decided to offer two different kinds of hats from the get-go. This way, we’d both get what we want and also find out what you want (if you order one or the other, that is).

We suspected that, like us, you’d prefer something stylish and unique. So we chose the rather rare camper style (vs. the more common army or jockey style) for the grey twill cotton cap (Happier Place Camper Hat) and burlap for the trucker hat (Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat). Yup, burlap. Seriously! How awesome is that?

Both Happier Hats were embroidered right here in Fort Collins, Colorado, with the Happier Place compass logo. We hope wearing that logo will inspire you and those who see you to get happier by having more fun outdoors.

Happier Hats - Happier Place
The Happier Hats at Riverbend Ponds Natural Area in Fort Collins, Colorado (a personal Happier Place).


A little bit more about each individual hat…

Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat

The Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat is more than just your average trucker hat because of its natural burlap (seriously, who else has one?) and black mesh (goes with anything), adjustable nylon snap closure (fits most heads) and embroidered logo (making each hat even more unique).

It’s also the perfect fly-fishing hat!

When switching flies while fishing, the front of a trucker hat is a popular place to quickly put the unused fly (aka lure or hook) to let it dry off. Now imagine how much better they will hold on a burlap hat! We recommend you flatten the barbs on your hooks. This way, not only will your flies come off the hat without a snag, the fish will be happier as well.

For a limited time, you have the option to receive your Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat with a FREE steelhead or salmon fly that Scott purchased on our Alaska trip last year! Just leave us a note in the “Order Notes” section during checkout.

Limited Edition: Happier Place Camper Hat

A good all-season brimmed cap is one of the essentials for any outdoor venture. So we knew early on that we wanted to offer some sort of Happier Hats. But we also knew that not everyone loves baseball caps or trucker hats. A popular alternative is an army cap. But then Luci discovered an even better cap in a very unexpected place…

Last year, we went to see The National play at Red Rocks. At the show, Scott got Luci her very first band hat. Was that not a thing earlier or was Luci way behind the times? Please answer this and any other questions throughout this post in the comment section below. To her this was the ultimate happier hat (as in, better than average): 100% cotton twill, adjustable nylon strap with quick-release buckle (no hair getting stuck in velcro) and, unlike an army cap, it also provides ample space for a patch or embroidery in the front. 

When it was time to find a baseball-cap-alternative for Happier Place, we tracked down the manufacturer of the National hat… and now we can offer the same kind of hat, but with the Happier Place logo instead of that mountain/bison thingy.

Why is it called a “camper” hat? Well, that’s just what this style is called. We were thinking of coming up with our own name, but then realized that other people may be big fans of this particular style like Luci is… and we want them to be able to find their new Happier Place Camper Hat. This hat-style often gets mixed up with the jockey-cap-style (it’s shaped like a baseball cap), which has as much to do with riding a horse as the camper hat does with camping.

And the limited edition part? We are only selling twenty of the grey Happier Place Camper Hats. Gasp!

We apologize if us offering two different kinds of hats makes it harder for you to choose. But hey, you can always order both… as long as supplies last…

A little side note: Right now, we’re selling the hats without the intended small text logo on the side – because we still have some attachment issues. However, Scott has purchased a sewing machine last week and is practicing… So eventually, the hats will also have the name Happier Place on the side (very small, grey on black). Which means that those of you who order hats before Scott attaches the labels, will have even more unique hats. Collectors item, anyone?

Scott sewing - Happier Hats - Happier Place
Scott practicing to sew a label onto the Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat

2 thoughts on “Finally Here: Happier Hats for Happier Heads

  1. Scott, I like seeing you at a sewing machine learning another skill to add all of your other ones. You always seem to conquer anything you set your mind to do. Love you and Luci and “Happier Place” !!

    1. Thanks Grandma. Seems only natural to pick it up having so many years around you sewing so much for family and friends. You continue to influence and inspire me.

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