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Send More Flowers: 2nd Edition Nature Photography Greeting Cards

Flower photography greeting cards with envelopes, fountain pen, great outdoors stamp, Happier Place, photos by Luci Westphal

Show you care, and send a handwritten card. Conveniently, we just released the 2nd edition of our sustainably-sourced, folded greeting cards with envelopes – featuring mostly flower photography.

Due to popular demand and personal requests for more blooms, we have restocked our selection of folded nature photography greeting cards (with envelopes) and added a brand-new edition of cards featuring flower photography – and a few birds, butterflies and a bee. All pictures were taken by Luci Westphal – our resident flower and bird nerd.

Personal requests, you ask? Basically, Luci’s mother wanted to have more greeting cards featuring flower photos. And we love to make our moms happier. Don’t you? So how about you send your mom some flowers, err, a greeting card featuring flower photography… No pressure, of course. And no, your mother did not ask us to write this.

Each of these sets includes 3 different greeting cards. Click on an image to see all 3 photos for that set.

All our nature, landscape, wildlife, bird, butterfly, and flower photography greeting cards feature a high-quality, elegant, velvety, satin-finish photo on the front of the folded card. The inside is uncoated and blank for you to write a personal note. All greeting cards come with white envelopes and are about the size of a postcard.

Besides all the flowers, our second edition also features a few fun birds. And besides the 3-card sets, you can also purchase the 2nd edition as individual cards with envelopes.

Click through to view ALL greeting cards.

Or read more about our first edition of greeting cards, postcards and multiple-choice (!!!) cards: Make Someone Feel Special: Happier Place Postcards and Greeting Cards

Limited Supplies

Currently, our greeting cards and postcards are printed in very limited runs. This way, we can offer you more variety. But it means that some images sell out quickly. Unlike any other products, for postcards and greeting cards, we do allow backorders, which may take 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery.

Cards listed as “In stock (can be backordered)” ship to you within 24 hours.

Send more flowers: Happier Place Flower Photography Greeting Cards

Let’s Inspire Each Other

Are you a card or letter writer? How are you showing people you care and are staying connected during this socially distanced time? Can we inspire you to send someone a handwritten note? Or can you inspire us to do something? These are times to be extra creative and try different approaches, don’t you think?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

16 thoughts on “Send More Flowers: 2nd Edition Nature Photography Greeting Cards

  1. love the photos you have for your cards… my family is keen to flowers and birds. We have 3 pet birds in the family, they have such a funny personality, super enteraining!
    Great idea to making cards with photography!

  2. Those are lovley. I lovrle sending cards to make someones day better.

  3. This is so lovely! Cards sent right through to your mail? Who doesn’t want that?

  4. These are so beautiful nature photos What talent you have! i love them!

  5. these are beautiful! I do prefer more personalized cards like this to whats normally in stores

  6. I always send handwritten cards to my family and friends. The personal touch is more intimate.

  7. These are beautiful cards and I would love these! They look like actual photos and I would even frame some of them. Very cool…and definitely heading over to check these out.

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! They are actual photos – just with a lovely velvety finish. Through offering cards and photo prints at markets, I’ve actually met a few people who bought my cards to frame them instead of sending them. Always more affordable than to buy a framed print – and still the same honor to me as a photographer. 🙂

  8. Aww these cards are so pretty. I love all of the styles and photos. Such a beautiful design and the perfect greeting cards!

    1. Thanks so much, Jay. It’s been such a joy to collect all those photos on hikes and travels and the backyard. Wonderful to think people now appreciate seeing and sending them.

  9. Beautiful product! They evoke memories of sunshine and laughter, joy and peace. Well done!

    1. What a lovely comment, Megan. So rewarding to think my photos and our cards could evoke all those memories!

  10. Beautiful photograph cards! Who doesn’t love cute cards straight to their mailbox!

    1. That’s what we were thinking: who doesn’t love that? Glad you think they’re beautiful. Thank you, Samantha!

  11. Super love the idea of sending personalized greeting cards, amazing idea and they do look gorgeous and unique.

    1. Glad you think so, too! Especially now that we can’t travel to see friends and family, we thought it would be good to remind people how nice it is to hold something in your hand that came from someone who cares. Thank you for the kind words about the look of the cards.
      xx Luci

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