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Ridiculously Versatile: The First Happier Bandana!

Scott wearing the first Happier Bandana and the Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat while fly-fishing in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

If there’s one must-have item for any outdoor venture, it’s the first Happier Bandana. It’s the ultimate Happier Place item because it improves your outdoor experience AND it’s simple, multi-functional, and easy to pack.

While we came up with the name Happier Bandana, we didn’t invent this brilliant piece of headwear. You may be familiar with it by other names, like Buff, Hoo-Rag, tubular bandana, neck gaiter or headband.

So what is it then? A Happier Bandana is a multi-functional, soft, lightweight, moisture-wicking, seamless, tubular bandana that you can wear as a neck gaiter, head scarf, neck scarf, face mask, beanie hat, headband, ear muffs, hair tie, balaclava, hat liner… and so many other ways.

Animated gif showing many different ways to wear the first Happier Bandana
So many ways to wear the Happier Bandana!

This simple-seeming piece of cloth will get you outside faster and more often! That’s because you won’t have to run around finding a bunch of different items… which can be so time-consuming, and suddenly it’s dark and you end up not going outside at all. You know what we’re talking about, right?

It will make your outdoor experience better because the Happier Bandana will keep you from getting sunburned (it’s rated 30 UPF)… or it’ll warm your ears… or it’ll stop the sweat from running into your eyes… or it’ll protect you against mosquitoes…or… You get the idea: it’s going to make everything better – during all four seasons!

For example, it’s not too hot in the summer thanks to its light color and the polyester microfiber material, which will actually whisk moisture away (like workout clothes). And in the winter, it provides extra protection against wind and cold… and fits nicely under a helmet or hat.

Our advice: don’t leave the house without your Happier Bandana. And because it’s so small and lightweight, you don’t have to. It’ll fit into any pocket or bag. How about keeping one in your Always-Ready Bag? Of course, we recommend that you have several Happier Bandanas, so you can keep one in every bag.

In the photo above you can see Scott wearing the first Happier Bandana together with the Happier Place Burlap Trucker Hat on Clearwater Beach last week. It’s a fine combo, right? Of course, it goes great with the Happier Place Camper Hat, too!

For this First Happier Bandana we collaborated with Hoo-Rag because they’re already an established brand with a high-quality product.

Scott created the design and chose this very light-colored pattern because it’s most ideal for sunny conditions. Also, wearing it you may appear camouflaged against the sky as fish are looking up at you. Scott is big into fly-fishing – and he wanted to make sure he offered something his peers would like to use.

Also the pattern gives you two different options: you can feature the blue or the light-grey part, which makes a huge difference in certain styles, like the headband or beanie hat!

We’re calling it the FIRST Happier Bandana because we plan on offering different patterns in the future…

Check out this Hoo-Rag video to learn how to achieve different looks and functions of the Happier Bandana:

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Happier Bandana perfect protection against the cold and sunburn

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