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Instant Classic: The “Take a Break” Cotton Shoulder Bag

Take a break cotton shoulder bag hanging on beach bench, Happier Place, go outside, have fun, whiskey dog

Yes! We finally offer a cotton shoulder bag. Because sometimes nothing beats simplicity. It’s the ultimate quick-and-easy, grab-and-go bag that folds-and-fits anywhere and holds all you need within close reach.

To help make you – and those around you – even happier, the bag features the core Happier Place slogan: Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.

There are good reasons why these kinds of cotton totes are so popular. And the Happier Place “Take a Break” tote is no exception.

What Makes the “Take a Break” Cotton Shoulder Bag so Ideal?

  • Ideal bag size: folds up small to tag along anywhere until you need it, yet big enough to hold all you need.
  • Medium-length shoulder straps: good length to hang bag from one shoulder and access with opposite hand
  • No zipper or cover flap: quick access to bag’s content
  • Natural cotton material with black accents: “Goes with” everything and everywhere.
  • Inspiring slogan and logo: inspiration to treat yourself well, go outside, have fun, and be happier.
  • Affordable: simplicity of materials and production saves you money
  • Sustainable: natural fabric, reusable bag to replace single-use plastic shopping bags

Fun Facts

Causation, Correlation, or Coincidence? The popular design and size of these kinds of classic canvas bags is usually a 15 x 15-inch square without a gusset. Perfectly sized to hold 12×12-inch vinyl record albums. In our cloudy memory, these cotton bags became fashionable around the same time as vinyl became popular again. Hm…

See that little black fold-over label featuring our Happier Place icon? Not only does that add a nice three-dimensional detail. Every label has also been sewn on by Scott personally.

In December, we introduced the “Take a Break” bag as a market-exclusive at an indie holiday market in Gainesville, Florida. Anyone could purchase the Happier Place bag for $6 and instantly have a convenient and reusable bag for all their holiday market purchases. But we also offered something special to our customers. With the purchase of $30 or more, a customer got the shoulder bag for free! What? How sweet!

Now we thought, let’s offer the same gift to our online customers. The logistics may be a tad more complex, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of making someone happier.

How to Get the “Take a Break” Cotton Shoulder Bag for Free:

  1. Add products to your cart with a combined value of $30 or more.
  2. Add the Take a break Shoulder Bag to your cart. (Cart value will now show $36 or more.)
  3. In cart view, add coupon code HappierBag – and the $6 discount will be applied.
  4. Place order.
  5. Wait for it…
  6. Receive order and enjoy!

Happier Tips:

One of our favorite “get outside and be happier faster and more often” tips is to have an always-ready bag always packed with all your essentials. Read more: Have Fun Faster with an Always-Ready Bag

This leads us to two new (either/or) tips:

  • Keep a folded-up shoulder bag inside your always-ready bag – because you never know when you might need an extra bag (e.g., for your jacket now that it’s warmer, additional snacks or drinks you purchased, a cute puppy you found, etc.)
  • Carry your (already packed) always-ready bag inside your shoulder bag together with everything else you’re bringing for the day (e.g., stainless steel bottle filled with drink, snacks, binoculars, extra jacket, etc.)

Let’s Inspire Each Other!

What would you carry in your “Take a Break” Cotton Shoulder Bag? And where are you going on your outdoor break?

Please leave a reply below…

The "Take a break. Go outside. Have fun" Happier Place cotton shoulder bag hanging on a beach bench in Florida. Added fun: Whiskey Dog!

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7 thoughts on “Instant Classic: The “Take a Break” Cotton Shoulder Bag

  1. This is really nice and love the message printed on it. Happy to know that it has a good length to hang bag and it’s sustainable. Would love to have one. 🙂

  2. Yaaaas! Love this. Cotton bags work anywhere all the time. I can easily pack up lunch stuff and/ or extras. It’s really easy to carry.

  3. I like the inspiring slogan and logo features of this bag. It will be an eye catcher for the customers.

  4. Awesome.. This has given me a really good idea for what to present to people who subscribed to my tour package… The bag seems strong enough to carry anything, but most especially picnic stuffs.

  5. I am forever using canvas bags for shopping and also when I go to the beach much easier x

  6. I love the sayings! Definitely inspiring. I do have a lot of reusable bags in my car. The thing is, I always forget to bring them whenever I go to the grocery. I really need to work on getting that instilled in my mind.

    1. I love using such bags on daily basis especially going for shipping for groceries

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