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#HappierPlace Instagram Inspiration – April 2018

Driving towards the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado - #HappierPlace Instagram Inspiration April 2018

We love April because it’s never boring. For one, there’s the constantly changing weather. Also, we always go on a trip for Luci’s birthday. We’ll share our road trip photos soon. For now, here are a few favorite #HappierPlace-tagged photos taken by you and others.

The following are just a very small selection of all the wonderful, stunning and inspiring photos tagged #HappierPlace this month. We try to only share about a dozen photos in these monthly posts and stick to only 1 photo per photographer.

A huge THANKS to all of you who shared your outdoor photographs – especially if you used the hashtags #HappierPlace or #Happier_Place on Instagram… or #HappierPlace on Google+!


To get your photos featured here on the website and in our Instagram gallery: follow us on Instagram and add #HappierPlace to your best outdoor photos. (To be featured on this website, your Instagram account has to be public.)

Happier Products – Happier People – Happier Us

Because we enjoy seeing all the photos people have posted of their Happier Place products (either purchased or won), we’ll be sending a Get-Happier Sticker Kit to anyone whose photo of a Happier Place product we see on social media during the month of May. To make sure we see your photo, please use the hashtag #HappierPlace and also tag us directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Google+. (Side note: we’ll be adding more stickers to the kit in the next few weeks.)

Here are a few previously published photos as inspiration:

Monthly Puppy Pic:

… and last but not least, here’s your double shot of Whiskey.


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