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#HappierPlace Instagram Inspiration – February 2018

Our favorite photos shared on Instagram in February with the hashtag #HappierPlace

Phew, February flew by! Still so many of you made the time to photograph beautiful places and share them with the hashtag #HappierPlace on Instagram. Here are a few of our favorite February photos.

But first of all: a big THANKS to all of you who captured the wonderful outdoors and shared your creations – especially if you used the hashtag #HappierPlace! Let’s keep inspiring one another to go outside and have fun!

To get your photos featured here on the website and in our Instagram gallery AND enter our latest giveaway*: follow us on Instagram and add #HappierPlace to your best outdoor photos. (To be featured on this website, your Instagram account has to be public.)

We’re doing a big #HappierPlace launch with Google later this month for International Day of Happiness 2018 (3/20). So join us on Google+ now and start using the hashtag #HappierPlace there, so you can inspire even more people with your photographs by letting us share them in our Google+ Happier Place… Places Collection–zdbBNMm/

In these posts we only feature one photo per photographer. So we highly recommend you click on the photographers’ names above to see more of their beautiful photos and to follow them on Instagram!

Of course, there are so many more amazing photos that we didn’t include in this post. You can SEE THEM ALL by searching for the hashtag  #HappierPlace on Instagram or for #HappierPlace on Google+. We hope all these photos will inspire you to go outside and have some fun!

Prize Winner!

The winner of February’s #HappierPlace giveaway prize (a Happier Bandana) was Stacy Harris. Congratulations, Stacy! Despite her having won with a different photo, we must share her photo of Sama instead. Because: look!

FYI: We let an app randomly select the winning photo from all the photos with the hashtag #HappierPlace that we had re-shared in February. *The giveaway prize for March is a Limited Edition: Happier Place Camper Hat!

And just because… here’s your monthly picture of Whiskey Dog:

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