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#HappierPlace Instagram Inspiration – November 2017

HappierPlace Instagram Inspiration November 2017

It’s time again to show how you inspire us and each other… in our monthly gallery of your #HappierPlace Instagram photos.

Photography is a wonderful way to inspire others to go outside, explore and have fun. That’s why it’s a big focus of what we’re doing and promoting – especially on Instagram.

The Happier_Place Instagram feed is a mixture of our own photos (taken by Luci) and photos taken by others like YOU.

We are encouraging photographers to follow us and tag their photos #HappierPlace, which lets us know we have permission to re-share their photos in our feed. This way, they get more exposure for their work, and we can provide more diverse inspiration to everyone.

To get more people to participate, we’re also giving away Happier Place products on Instagram. We’ve had 4 giveaways already and are about to announce the 5th. Prizes have gone to people in Colorado, Canada and even Germany. In case you’re wondering: we don’t personally know any of the people who have won so far.

In addition to the daily Instagram feed itself, every month we feature some of the #HappierPlace-tagged photos taken by you and others here on our website (directly from the original photographer’s feed, not our re-share).

Here are a few favorite #HappierPlace Instagram photos from November…

Unfortunately, we can’t share photos here from private accounts; it’s just not possible. Otherwise, we would have included photos by Cristian and April here as well – as we’ve been able to re-post them in our Instagram feed.

We’ve decided to feature only one photo per photographer on this page even though some photographers had multiple pictures we considered our favorites.

The fact that so many pictures show mountains (from Colorado, Canada, Austria and Thailand) is not by design. For some reason we’re just seeing a lot of mountain pictures tagged #HappierPlace. Nothing wrong with that – just want to let you know that we also would love to feature more photos of deserts, beaches, big skies over flat land… and any place you consider a Happy or Happier Place.

If you want to see more, follow Happier_Place on Instagram. And please keep on tagging your Instagram photos #HappierPlace… we’d love to see your photos, re-share them in our Instagram feed and maybe include one in the December #HappierPlace Instagram Inspiration post.

And just because… here’s your monthly picture of our dog Whiskey:

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