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M.K. Dymock: Author (Utah)

Outdoor adventure mystery novel author M.K. Dymock, creator of the Lost Gorge Mysteries, hiking on a mountain trail among wildflowers, Melissa, weekend woman warrior, Happier Place

The mystery novels by M.K. Dymock are especially riveting because of their setting: the great outdoors. They don’t just take you on a thrill ride, but also on unpredictable, unforgettable nature adventures.  

The reasons M.K. Dymock is so excellent at transporting us into the great outdoors, must be her deep knowledge, attention to details, and clear passion for nature exploration. Behind the moniker M.K. Dymock we find Melissa Dymock, an outdoor enthusiast – born, raised, and now exploring and creating in Utah.

Known to her followers online as weekendwomanwarrior, we first discovered Melissa because of the intriguing photos and impressions she shares from her own real-life outdoor adventures – hiking, biking, paddling, skiing, camping and whatever she’ll try next. It turns out that Melissa works as a data analyst during the day, doing all her adventuring after-hours and on the weekend. In the winter, she also works as a ski instructor. And then the most inspiring fact: under the name M.K. Dymock, she has written a series of novels called The Lost Gorge Mysteries and a sweet romance called Sunsets and Stables (coming out in mid-October).

Intrigued by her enthusiasm for having fun outdoors, adventurous spirit, and nature-loving Utah mountain life authenticity, we picked up the first of The Lost Gorge Mysteries (Fall Hunter) and, naturally, got lost in the page-turner…

We reached out, and now are so pleased to present to you this short interview with the outdoor adventure mystery author M.K. Dymock.

While we believe, you’ll already find her interview inspiring and might learn a few things (hiking boot size, summertime ski area hikes…), we suggest next you get one of her books for all the story thrills, nature adventure, creative inspiration, and maybe even learn something new about enjoying and surviving in the great outdoors!

Outdoor mysteries author and avid hiker at Machu Picchu in Peru
Outdoor mysteries author M.K. Dymock after hiking up to Machu Picchu in Peru.

M.K. Dymock – what do you do?

I’m an author who has written a series of novels called The Lost Gorge Mysteries. I have my first sweet romance coming out in mid-October called Sunsets and Stables. All of my books share the same main setting—the outdoors. The first in my series starts off with a mountain biker going missing, the second is a skier stumbling onto a body, and the third is hikers searching for a missing child. Basically, I’m trying to scare people away from the outdoors so I can have them to myself. 🙂

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve always had stories running through my head, so I figured I might as well put them on paper.

General Happier Place category?

I love the mountains and have spent this summer hiking twice a week—which with all that’s going on has saved my sanity. I travel to California for work often, or used to, and I love the beach. My perfect day is to spend the morning hiking and then head to the water.

Melissa Dymock aka weekendwomanwarrior in her red rock Happier Place in Southern Utah
Melissa Dymock (aka @weekendwomanwarrior) in her red rock Happier Place in Southern Utah, near Moab.

Specific Happier Place locations?

I love red rock country in Southern Utah. I spent so much time there camping as a child that I feel like a kid again every time I go down. It’s too hot in the summer but I try to make a camping trip in the spring and in the fall.

What do you always bring out into nature with you?

I love my Osprey day pack. I always have it loaded with a small first-aid kit, poncho (okay, garbage sack), chapstick, bug spray, and headlamp.

Happier Place tips or hacks?

Always take a day pack filled with water and other essentials (see above). Buy hiking shoes a half a size too large to save your toes jamming on the way down.

Lost Gorge Mysteries author M.K. Dymock hiking up a mountain trail above Alta Ski Resort, among trees and wildflowers with her trusted day pack.
Hiking the beautiful trails above Alta Ski Resort in Utah with that trusted day pack full of outdoor essentials. Always come prepared…

A dream destination?

It wasn’t until the last few years I had the money to travel out of the country. So the world outside of the American West is vastly new to me. Right now I’m dreaming of Belize where you can hike, tube, and be on the ocean.

Words of inspiration?

I’ve heard this in a few places so I don’t have a good attribution but it’s been my thought all year.

I have not come this far to only come this far.

Find M.K. Dymock, her books and outdoor adventures online:

Twitter: WeekendWomanWar
Instagram: WeekendWomanWarrior
Facebook: WeekendWomanWarrior
Pinterest: mkdymock

Let’s Inspire Each Other

Have you read any of M.K. Dymock’s books? Any favorite books, characters, moments? Now, don’t spoil any big plot twists! How about other books set in “the great outdoors” you could recommend to us.
Last but not least, do you have any questions for the author?

Please leave a comment or question in the reply section below.

Interview with outdoor adventure mystery author M.K. Dymock, creator of the Lost Gorge Mysteries.

All photos courtesy of M.K. Dymock. All opinions and stated facts made by the interviewees are theirs, and don’t necessary reflect those of the people behind Happier Place (aka Luci and Scott).

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  3. great interview, she sounds amazing! i need to check out some of her work

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Catherine. Great to know we could introduce you to a new author and books.

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  8. I haven’t heard of this author but I love a good mystery! I’ll definitely check out the books!

    1. Wonderful that we could introduce you to a new author. And if you love mystery, you should definitely check out the Lost Gorge Mysteries. I’m reading them on Kindle – affordable and convenient 😉

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