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Geri Linda Metterle (Americana Photographer in Bavaria)

Geri Linda Metterle in Tinkertown, New Mexico - Happier Place

Despite living in “Small Town, Bavaria”, photographer Geri Linda Metterle is a daily inspiration to thousands of people to head down Route 66 and explore the American South-West. Let’s follow her call out west…

Geri Linda Metterle was born and raised in the (currently) Romanian town of Santana in Banat – a plains region that is (currently) divided among three countries: Romania, Serbia and Hungary. Geri Linda points out that the town’s name has nothing to do with Carlos Santana, but with Europe’s turbulent past. Originally a Hungarian town named Szent-Ana, its name was changed to the German Sanktanna and eventually to the Romanian Sântana.

Even though Geri Linda grew up in Romanian territory, her family is of German descent, and she has been living in the town Waldkraiburg in Bavaria, Germany since 1979.

Geri Linda Metterle - Route 66 - Happier Place
Geri Linda Metterle on Sandia Peak, just off Route 66 in New Mexico, USA.

But it’s the American South-West, and especially Route 66, that she keeps being drawn back to. She captures Americana with a keen eye for beauty and kitsch: the natural landscapes, history, art, folklore, cultural heritage and nostalgia. Often it’s the outsider who has the clearest perspective…

Her stunning photography and reports from her travels are especially popular on Google+. That is also where we “met” and where she keeps inspiring us to follow her call “to go west!” We have yet to meet in person… but we’re sure it’ll happen sooner or later… the question is just: on which continent?

What do you do?

As my day job, I’m responsible for the Internet and Intranet at the Municipal Energy Supplier in my hometown. Not always a creative job, but it pays my rent – so to speak. My creative passion lies in my photography and writing. I love the outdoors and I love to travel. Whenever I have some time off, I’m on the road.

Why do you do what you do?

Since I bought my very first digital camera, back in 2001, I discovered my passion for photography. After getting my journalism certificate in 2002 and working for some local and regional media, I also discovered my passion for writing. It’d be a perfect balance… if it weren’t for my day job, which happens to be quite time consuming.

Happier Place: The American South-West photographed by Geri Linda Metterle
The American South-West photographed by Geri Linda Metterle.

General Happy Place category?

Definitely NATURE, the OUTDOORS.

Specific Happy Places?

In Bavaria: Chiemsee and Burghausen.

In Italy: South Tirol and Tuscany.

In the US: Route 66 and the American Southwest.

Happier Place: Route 66 - photographed by Geri Linda Metterle
Happier Place: Route 66 – photographed by Geri Linda Metterle.

What do you always bring out into nature with you?

My camera and my partner. Without him, all those places wouldn’t actually be Happier Places. Depending on how far we go, we may bring something to drink and some snacks. We also have some really romantic restaurants, diners and cafés we love to go to and spend time together.

Happier Place Tips?

In the trunk of our car, we always have a blanket to sit on, a blanket to wrap around me if it gets cold in the evenings, and some folding chairs. Sometimes we bring a bottle of wine and glasses to enjoy while watching the sunset at our favorite lake, which is not very far from home.

Happier Place: Chiemsee in Bavaria - photographed by Geri Linda Metterle
Happier Place: Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany – photographed by Geri Linda Metterle.

A dream destination (in space or time)?

I do not have a specific dream destination, neither in space or time. Any outdoor adventure is a dream destination for me. It can be a road, a mountain, a pasture, a lake, a river, a castle, even a city. With the right partner by your side, every destination can become a dream destination.

Inspirational quote?

The most beautiful memories are always made by couples.

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