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Join the Happier Team: Happier Ambassador and Guest Blogger Programs

Royal Tern landing among flock, beach, join, happier place team

Here’s your chance to join the Happier Team as we uplift each other, amplify diverse voices, grow together, and inspire more to get happier by having fun outdoors, being kind, present, and open-minded.

Today, we start our brand-new Guest Blogger initiative, (re)launch a completely restructured Happier Ambassador program and are publishing our open call for People Profile submissions.

We want to expand and diversify the voices, information, and inspiration we create and share. We want to build a team of allies, advocates, and friends to uplift, educate, and inspire each other… and our shared and growing audience.

A big part of our expanded mission is to help people who are underrepresented in outdoor culture to feel safe and welcome in nature so EVERYONE can enjoy all the same benefits of having fun outdoors. After all “enjoying benefits of outdoor fun” is what we’re all about here at Happier Place. Of course, we can’t fulfill that mission alone without bringing more diversity to our Happier Team. There is a variety of incentives to make participating more rewarding.

In the future, we may launch a group exclusive to guest creators and ambassadors to have an online space where we can inspire, educate, and uplift each other. Stay tuned…

For now, we invite you to apply to be a Happier Ambassador, submit an idea for a guest blog post, or suggest someone (even yourself) to be featured in a People Profile.

Want to Become a Happier Ambassador?

Find out more about our ambassador program and apply to join the happier team on the following page:

Want to Get a Guest Blog Post Published?

Find out more about our guest blogger program and submit your ideas via the following page:

Want to Suggest Someone for a People Profile?

If you’d like to nominate an organization or person, including yourself (!), to be featured in a People Profile, please fill out this Google form: People Profile Suggestion

These programs are growing – and some details may change. In the process, we’re open to suggestions and questions. Maybe you have your own experience with other ambassador programs and guest blogging? Please feel free to leave us a comment here or reach us via the Contact Us page.

Want to help us expand our reach and connect to more people? Then please share this image to Pinterest or use any of the buttons below to share on your preferred social media platform. Thank you!

Join the Happier Team, Apply now, Guest Bloggers, Happier Ambassadors, happier place, royal tern landing among flock on beach

The featured photo of the Royal Terns was taken by Luci on Three Rooker Island, Florida.

15 thoughts on “Join the Happier Team: Happier Ambassador and Guest Blogger Programs

  1. You’re always thinking of ways to make the world happier. Love it!!

    1. Thanks, Shari! So great to have you on the team to help make the world happier.

  2. Ooh what a great idea. I’m always looking for new resources and opportunities as a blogger, so I’ll have to check this one out!

    1. Please do, Jay. We’re fans of your travel and outdoor writing and photography – and would love to feature you and your work.
      xx Luci

  3. Love this! We all deserve more happiness! Great post!

    1. Whatever we can do to help people be happier…

  4. I will check this out. It will not only help put my name out there, but it will give me a chance to share some good vibes with others. Thanks for letting me know about this.

    1. Having seen some of your work, I’m looking forward to seeing your application, Kristine!
      xx Luci

  5. Wow! This looks like a great way to connect. I am singing up 🙂

    1. Great! Looking forward to seeing your application, Sushmita!

  6. This seems like a great opportunity for so many! I wish everyone luck!

  7. This is such a lovely initiative. I’ve a few blogger friends that may be interested in submitting a guest blog, will share this with them.

    1. Glad you think so. And thank you for sharing the link with other bloggers. We’re excited to amplify new voices and bring our audience more diverse travel, outdoor, food, and happier-making content!

  8. Love this! We all need a little more happiness in our lives and love that this provides a platform to spread the positivity.

    1. That’s great to read. Thank you for your comment, Talya.

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