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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites – February 2019

Pigeon sitting on eagle statue in Prospect Park Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn New York representing #HappierPlace

Despite February being the coldest month in many places, we can present to you a round-up of beautiful outdoor photos published and tagged #HappierPlace this past month.

February can be so tough! Often cold and grey – and at a time when most of us have had enough winter already. There’s not even a fun cookies and gift-exchange holiday to break it up. Well, there’s Valentine’s Day. But that can be a bummer, too.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled that during this past month so many of you ventured outdoors, captured beautiful sceneries, animals and plants that inspire us all to enjoy life and go outside.

But since February is such a challenge, a lot of photographers also shared images taken during spring and summer days – expressing how much they longed for those warmer, sunnier, more colorful times.

Today we’d like to celebrate those photos especially because they emphasis the concept of the *mental* Happier Place. During darker days, our spirits can be lifted by envisioning and visiting a beautiful place in our minds. It’s one of the reasons why we think sharing photos of places in nature is so helpful in making others and ourselves happier.

A big THANKS to all photographers and videographers who venture outdoors and return to share beauty and inspiration with everyone!

Pigeon sitting on eagle statue in Prospect Park Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn New York representing #HappierPlace

In this post you will find a selection of some of our favorite photos tagged #HappierPlace on Instagram in Februrary. As usual, we’ll only share 1 photo per photographer. But we may still feature some of these over in our @Happier_Place Instagram gallery.

In case you didn’t realize: if there is a small arrow on the photo (as in the one right below by drphotoco) make sure to click on it to see the entire panorama or additional images.

We hope these photos will take you on a mental journey to Happier Places, inspire you to explore and share your own photos… and check out the galleries of these fine photographers:

Want to see your own photos featured?

Make sure you follow @Happier_Place on Instagram and use the hashtag #HappierPlace when posting your outdoor photos. That way you assure us that we have permission to share your photo on our website and/or on Instagram (always with credit, of course).

The featured photo of the pigeon finding its Happier Place on top of an eagle statue at the entrance to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, was taken by Luci .

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#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites of February 2019

9 thoughts on “#HappierPlace Instagram Favorites – February 2019

  1. These photos are all amazing! I would love to travel more and see the beauty of nature!

  2. Awesome photos! I can’t seem to pick a favorite because all of them are so beautiful! I have to scroll through my feed today and find some fantastic photos like these.

  3. February may be cold in the Northern hemisphere but as the photos illustrate there are clear blue skies and moody breathtaking snow bedecked vistas. I especially loved the pic of the girl in the ice castle and her story of her brother’s untimely passing.

  4. The photos by Hazel.Bizz and New Found Wandering have to be my favorites. I mean, the places all look so calm for someone who loves nature at its best.

  5. Wonderful pictures. The pictures bring an burst of energy in the one viewing. Also encourages one to explore nature and appreciate how wonderful and beautiful mother nature is.

  6. I love instagram for the simple fact that searching with the right hashtag can get your eyes feasting with nature and beauty!Wonderful pics!

  7. Oh my goodness, these are all such amazing pictures! There’s something so soothing about the one of the dirt road between the trees. I really couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried though.

  8. Ih wow, absolutely stunning pictures, you have found some incredible photographers!

  9. Some beautiful pictures! I am so glad that even though it has been super cold in some places people are still getting outdoors and enjoying nature! And making memories!

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